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Dyeworks help and use

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Do you have your potion already? If so, here are the following instructions I found:

Once you have bought your potion and are ready to use it, place it in your inventory along with the original wearable item you would like to dye. Then go to Dyeworks in the NC Mall. There, you will find all the selected NC wearable items you can use the potion on. Click on the item you'd like to dye. You must already own these items, in order to use the Hue Brew Potion on them. There are 3 selected dye colors for each wearable item. Once the potion is used on a wearable item, it will then duplicate to a random color. As long as you have a Hue Brew Potion and the original selected wearable item from the Dyeworks shop, you can dye the NC item as many times as you want.

Learn more or read the full TDN article here: https://thedailyneopets.com/customization-wearables/dyeworks



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5 hours ago, shauns_fiancee said:

Yes, I got one with my advent calendar today, I figured everyone got one.  It's called the Dyeworks Hue Brew potion.  Thank you for the help!!!  Is there any way to sell an NC item? 

Yes, everyone got one, it's a yearly thing. :smile:

You can't sell NC items, but you can trade them. Here's TDN's guide on how to do this. (JellyNeo also a has a guide on this topic.)

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9 hours ago, shauns_fiancee said:

any idea of what the items will look like in the christmas colour?

I'm not a 100% sure, as I've never actually used a Hue Brew Potion myself, but I don't think there are any Christmas colours. The potion looks different, but it'll still give you one of the regular colours. Here's a thread from last year discussing that very thing.

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I can clarify that you do only get the normal colour choices.  I... wait a minute. *actually reads ALL of Nielo's post*

*coughs* yes, I asked about this myself. xD

I wish you could choose which recolour you got when you use a brew. I'm completely convinced that you could in the past. But also I can understand that TNT wouldn't make it like that because they want people to have to buy more to get the shade they want. ? So maybe me thinking I could choose previously was just a fever dream or something. ?


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