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Changes to Pet Lending

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With much consideration, our ALP team has made some changes to our program to better suit your needs.

  1. Chains will now be running every month. To cut down on the wait time for enough people to sign up for a chain we will be running the chain even if only 1 person is in it.
  2. Neomails will be going out between the 1st and 5th of each month to confirm your interest. If something changes let us know in the main ALP topic and we can remove your request.
  3. You will have 5 days to respond to the neomail. Failure to respond in this time period will result in you getting bumped to the next month.
  4. You will be neomailed a couple of days prior to your lend date and told who to sent the pet on to next. If you know you're in a chain, please try to check in daily so we can reduce delays.
  5. The Draik chain will now have fewer posts required on the forums, depending on your avatar account. However you will still need a minimum of 50 for this chain, regardless of avatar count.
  6. If you do not qualify for lends we will try to PM you on the forums.
  7. If we cannot find you on the forums, your request will be deleted, so please make sure you type in your info correctly.

Other things to remember:

  1. If something happens and you know you're going to be away for a few days please let us know so we can schedule accordingly. We understand things happen, so please let us know.
  2. If a delay occurs and we cannot reach you to find out what is going on, may result in you being banned from our pet lends. No one wants to see this happen!
  3. Please follow all forums rules the best you can. Spamming for post count will not be tolerated!

Neomails will be going out today and tomorrow, so please have replies in by the 11th.


UPDATE: Neomails have gone out and all responses MUST be in by the 11th! I will start scheduling the chains on the 12th. Additionally ALL requests have been deleted, so if you were not contacted, or a chain was missed in your Neomail, please submit a new request for December.

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As a reminder, today is your FINAL day to respond to the Neomails I sent out on the 5th-6th. Chains will be starting as early as the 14th, so please have room. If you do not have room on the day that it is your turn you will likely be passed over and will need to apply for December. Lets try to make these lends go as smoothly as possible! :D

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Welcome to the forums! Be sure to follow our forums rules as breaking them will hurt your chances of being in a chain lend. Not something we like doing. :D

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