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If you could obtain one item on Neopets, what would it be and why?

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I saw someone asking this on the neoboards and I thought it was an interesting question :P.

So, what would you want? I'd personally like to get my hands on a Gummy Striped Ixi 31666.gif?434It's one of the cutest items on Neopets in my opinion, and I'd love to add it to my gallery!

Darigan Sword of Death would be sweet too 19470.gif?329It'd be cool to find out how much damage it deals once and for all.



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I have always wanted a Faerie or Maractite Paintbrush and have been saving my NP off and on for like, fifteen years trying to buy one but I'm not sure I'll ever have the points.

I would also love to have the Lab Ray map again-- on my very first account when I was a teenager, I had it and zapped my pets a dozen times, probably, but then I fell for a scam and my account got stolen. By the time I got back into Neopets again, the price of the map together became so expensive and hard to find that I've lost hope of ever getting it.

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Not an item, but I'd always been longing for UC Darigan Draik after my original female one on my old account was stolen (took TNT over seven years to answer, by then nothing was left). Unfortunately, I don't believe in pet trading, so I've forced myself to move on. There are too few on the site now for people to adopt them out freely, and even then, most of them are with UC hoarders.

The item I'd like right now but is too expensive is an Acara Transmog, so I'm just hoping for FFQ (the chances seem awful with the cookies).

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Spirited Fiddle Spirited Fiddle

when i created this account in 2008 after a 2 years hiatus , i found out TNT released some rare HW TCG code prizes , including this one .. 

now i remember someone was selling it for 2 millions or so (9 years ago this was a sizable amount) and it was impossible for me to buy ... i haven't seen one for sale since then ...


Darigan Sword of Death would be sweet too 19470.gif?329

isn't Featheralley the only person in Neopia who was awarded this sword ?

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I've got two.  My draik is going for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer look.  


First is a thieves hood.  Definitely needs the hood, and the only other one in this style is nc, and not in the store any longer.

Thieves Hood


Second is the deluxe dark faerie wings, which apparently have just gotten a super inflated price :( 

Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings


With those, she'd go from looking like this small_preview.png


To this small_preview.png


Though a couple of backgrounds that'd work are less pricey than that shadow, so I edited to take that off, since I just made a trading post offer.

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I have such a huuuuge wishlist - basically, anything that I think is cute I can't help but want!

Aside from petpets and stamps I'm missing (because if I include them I'll never narrow it down), I'd say the 2 most coveted items for me right now are the Sasha Music Box and the Usukicon Y7 Plushie. I've also ALWAYS wanted the Yellow Aisha Playset. 




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28 minutes ago, Err said:

22510.gif?499 One of these lil guys (Glyme)!! They're around 7mil though and I don't think I'll ever be able to justify it xD

they're usually around 2 Mil. I think they're super inflated 


6 hours ago, charelan said:

Sasha Music Box 



i want that too .. alongside the Sasha Plushie .. but it's near impossible

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On 11/6/2017 at 11:34 AM, eloralestrange said:

A bony grarrl club. It's so expensive, it seems like I'll never get the avatar. 

You should look into being lent it.  These are the guidelines for TDN's lending of the BGC.


If you don't qualify for that, you could try to find someone on the avatar board on neo that is lending it, and see what their requirements are.

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Honestly, probably an expensive stamp, e.g. Wock 'til You Drop, Coltzan, Commander Garoo, etc. I've recently gotten really interested in stamp collecting on Neopets, and I could either get an extremely rare avatar that way (or get really close to one) or sell it off for hundreds of millions of NP that I could use to fund my other goals… like stamp collecting, lol.

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Flower Shaped Sand OR Star Shaped Sand


Flower Shaped Bottle of Sand AND/OR Star Shaped Bottle of Sand.

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to add them to my Sand Gallery.

They are UBER Rare and I've not seen either in the Neopian wild for many years.

A man can hope!


HAH! Just noticed the avatar of user above me...too funny.

Great minds think alike?


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