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Mysterious Negg Cave Help Thread


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Is this like sudoko? All colors and shaped in dif lines???


You have 3 of each color, and 3 of each symbol. You can't have 2 squares the same, so every symbol must appear in every color.


Use the clues to work out where each needs to go, the clues can overlap but can't be rotated.

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I can't screen shot (unless you want me to email it to u)

This is my puzzle thought S. | R | Y | Y. S

F. | BL| R | BL. F

F. | Y | BL | R. SW



BF: blue fire

YF: yellow fire

RF: red fire

BS: blue square

RS: red square

YS: yellow square

RSW: Red swirl

YSW: yellow swirl

BSW: blue swirl

SW: swirl

F: fire

S: square.

BL : blank

| : sperates the squares

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