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Mysterious Negg Cave Help Thread


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i have no idea what to do, can anyone help?


Solution found:

Red Flower, Purple Flower, Red Volcano,

Yellow Volcano, Yellow Book, Purple Book,

Red Book, Purple Volcano, Yellow Flower,






please help :)

Solution found:

Red Book, Yellow Book, Yellow Flower,

Purple Volcano, Red Volcano, Purple Book,

Yellow Volcano, Purple Flower, Red Flower,

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Can someone help me figure out my puzzle? And maybe tell me how to solve these in general? Thanks!






This is a good one to start with.


Look at the colors first. You can only have 3 of each color so the reds in the clues must overlap. So you get:




. . B


we can't be sure about the last 2 spaces yet.


Now look at the symbols, you can only have 3 of each so again the clues must overlap, you get:


1 3 2

1 3 .

1 2 .


again we can't be sure of the last 2 yet.



So together we have:


R1 R3 R2

B1 Y3 Y?

?1 ?2 B?


Now we need to fill in the blanks. Each symbol must appear in each color, so the bottom left must be Y1 and so the middle right must be Y2. So the bottom middle must be B2 and bottom right B3.


So finally:


R1 R3 R2

B1 Y3 Y2

Y1 B2 B3


Hope that helps!

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