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Mysterious Negg Cave Help Thread


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Okay I'm stumped! Please help, I've tried figuring it out from the last discussion board but I'm still at a complete loss! Much help appreciated! :)





yellow 3 - red 1 - red 3

yellow 2 - yellow 1 - blue 2

red 2 - blue 1 - blue 3

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Hey guys, so my partner is stuck on his puzzle and I've tried to help him figure it out but can't.


Would love a little help with this one please ^-^






I think it's

B1 B3 R3

B2 Y2 Y3

R1 R2 Y1


hope that helps :)


Please help me, people more intelligent than myself!





r1 b1 y1

b3 y3 r3

r2 y2 b2


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how do u guys even do this lol do this


You've got almost all the info there.


First copy the colors given into the correct places. The other 3 places must then be yellow because you only have 3 of each color.


Then put the symbols in the correct places. You only get 3 of each symbol too, and each must be a different color. So the 3 spaces without a symbol must be symbol 3 (the swirly one).


Hope that helps!

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