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    Princess Luna is on Team Moon.

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    Ponies, Doctor Who, Loki, Star Trek, Tumblr, Neopets...am I leaving anything out?

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  1. What do I do if I forget my birthday when trying to log in?
  2. Thank you, I hope that helps... It's only for now. I tend to come back to these things after a long departure. It's just a question of when.
  3. It is? But how can I turn it off when I can't even login? I simply feel like I have no choice but to leave. :(
  4. I will, maybe one day. It depends on how better Neo gets. But the site is inaccessible to me and probably will remain so for I don't know how long. :(
  5. Yeah, and I'm not too much of a gamer. I've become more active on the rival site Subeta, which has some things better about it, and other things less so. I'm mostly there for the avatar dolls and the forums though.... That, and I draw and write stuff. Becoming a Tumblr artist has taken up my time and interest from gaming into being more productive. I'm glad I am. ^^ Yeah, I don't think I'll be gone for good. I'm glad to have brought a presence to you all. And I might when this clears up, depends. I'm not sure what direction it's going in, but I hope it's good.
  6. I just did that a couple nights ago when my laptop crashed. And that was before I got back on to check my pets back into the Lodge and notice the quest event going on.
  7. I hope so. I really feel like giving up now. D: I'll never complete that quest, but I missed the entire event mostly anyway. I hate this.
  8. I can't access it at all. And I've tried that. Nothing works.
  9. Does this explain why the site is running worse than salted Slorgs? This just had to happen during the quest event. I am so done with their rubbish.
  10. I cannot put up with the way Neopets is behaving. The site won't load for me at all anymore. I cannot complete the faerie quest I accepted today. I just want to go back to Neopets and cancel the quest because I cannot complete it. But I can't even do that. No matter the browser I try to use, Neopets no longer works. I can't even give away any valuables I own because I can't even get into my account. It's as if my account has been frozen. -- Now, the above I wrote when I was much angrier. That said, since I've played on/off for 11 years, there is the chance I may come back - but it won't be for a while. I don't want to have anything to do with the site when it is behaving like this. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I'm certainly staying away while it acts like this. I know Friday's events may be a reason for it. (doing this in the middle of an event is never good). Some events or plots may come that I'll regret missing (I won't, however, miss the annual ones), but who knows, I may return someday. I often do....
  11. Then why can't I access it? I want to forfiet my quest and leave for good.
  12. I'm gonna give up. Can't access shops, can't complete the quest, can barely even access the site.
  13. Why is Neopets no longer working for just me? Guess it's time to say goodbye. :sad02:
  14. Can somebody just send me a Baby Ruki Board Book as the shops don't work for me? Thanks. Am I the only one who can't access Neopets?
  15. I can't access Neopets at all for the past hour, just trying to get to somebody's shop and get the book I need for a quest. I give up. I'm not going to be coming back to do these quests anymore because Neopets has been this slow the entire time. Not doing it anymore. I'm done. Am I the only one who can't access Neopets? All the down-checking sites say Neopets is up. I don't see anybody else here complaining about Neopets being down, I tried Firefox, got the same result. It must be my laptop. Does anybody else use Windows 7?
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