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The Lab Rays: What happened today?


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The ray is fired at meannie560311...

... and he gains 2 defence points!!!!


Okay this Neopet has stayed waaaay to long. I need a color change!


Lol! Speak for yourself, at this point I've given up on a cool color and just want the stupid thing to stop making my pet weaker! Granted I haven't been at this for long, but still. :P


Lab ray: took away two movement points.

Petpet ray: turned my Magaral into a Poppit.

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The ray is fired at Omonrin...

... and she changes colour to Rainbow!!


She only changed Orange last week. Yay =D


(Although. Im not a rainbow fan.)


Nothing happens to Woojit. He changed to a Pile of Soot yesterday from a Grey Meturf, though.

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The ray is fired at youradek...




... and he doesn't change at all :(




Your fears that the Kookith didn't actually know what the heck he was doing are confirmed when Pooky McDroolish suddenly disappears, leaving no trace.


None. Nada. Zip. Ziltch.


Guess it's time to buy a new Petpet.

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Teh other day my Lupe got changed into island. Nothing has happened big since then. I''ll be posting today's results in a while.

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