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The Lab Rays: What happened today?


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Hello everybody,


Post your daily (petpet) lab zap results here. :) This can be useful for tracking information and great stuff like that. ^_^


This is for both the lab ray and petpet lab ray.

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Nothing looks different about Kadoatie-wannabe but you can sense something happened. It becomes evident later when it tries to climb a tree but breaks off the branch instead. The ray has increased its level to: 6


this is the longest I've ever gone without it blowing my petpet up. XDa

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But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely. The creepy Kookith shoos you away and appears quite angry, so you hightail it out of there before he shoots some miniature laser beam at you or something.


Poor Sir Bob of Geruptiku.


In other news, HilaryPierre the Kougra (who was a Purple Grundo) lost two levels today.

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We can once again post about our disappointing lab results! :D


Times New Roman changed to "Dragona's Socks"... again.

Mybestbuddy2day (Now an Island Kyrii) gained 3 strength points.

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