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  1. That pastel is adorable!!! Makes me think of like easter sixlets! ?
  2. Ah ok thanks for that info friend! I legit did not know that! ?
  3. This is what happens. Checked her out today just now too.
  4. Jhudora's been giving out free quests recently. I got 1 yesterday and one the day before too. Idk if that might have anything to do with this but hope it helps! ?
  5. Destruct-o-match! I like it alot. Also fashion fever and the Hannah one where you gotta get the outfits right. Very fun!
  6. Buzz looks like melty candy corn! XD I like it! N I like the clothes too! Very elegant ?
  7. I'm wondering that too! It says to check the new features for winners but does not say anything ?
  8. Sounds very confusing indeed friend! I myself just used mine with my silver star bracers thingy and I was reeeeally hoping it would make them the blueish teal, and I got pink instead. #devastated XD (note I've never used one before so I had no idea what to expect.) I hope it all gets figured out for you friend! Have a good day! ?
  9. The 2 places I would wanna go is the black forest(cuz y not)?, and Virginia beach, Virginia. (I was born in norfolk, Virginia and we moved to the midwest when I was 5 so I dont have many memories of it. But I loved the ocean!)
  10. I got one off of pound called owlbot. Very cool looking
  11. Von kougra plushies is where the head goes I think. But then....where do THOSE heads go?!? ?
  12. I put in my water peophin to become an island lutari. Then I'll have both the 2 lutari colors I've wanted most. ☺Faerie(SapphireStarStream) and Island(one_awoo_a_day)
  13. He did! He had cupcakes for his class at school and they probly sang happy birthday. I got him an avengers bday card too
  14. Yeah he loves him some snow and cars XD. All boyish things he likes. But, he also sometimes tells me when something girly is pretty.(I have style savvy for my 2ds, and sometimes he helps me give ppl outfits) if he likes it then hey that's fine cuz I like it too!
  15. He's with his dad today, but tomorrow we're gonna watch some of his favorite movies and play outside in the snow ^_^. His favorite movie so far is Cars 3(but he likes anything with wheels that talks, like Thomas, cars, etc. XD)
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