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  1. Even if it currently says Thieves has the lowest chance to win right now, I'm missing the Avatar, so I'm going with Thieves. Good luck to everyone though!
  2. Hi y'all! I'm not the best with customization, usually. I tend to not quite understand how to best combine colors or how to really stick to a theme, and when I do figure a look, I tend to keep it for a long time. A prime example was my main, applexsun; she was rocking the same look for well over three years (Though granted, a lot of that was because I wasn't 100% active during all of that. More like... 10%) But, I decided to try and give it a gander, what with the summer season and all! And I feel like I came up with a rather cute look, with what I've managed to obtain both now and over time. Pretty much everything sans the hair is new, as I love the hair too much to just toss aside (Plus, I do think it works for a summertime look regardless, even if the bow's a bit outta place,) but I did want to give a fresh look! I thought I would share, cause I am quite proud of this look. Though if there's some stuff people possibly think could be changed for the better, I'm up to hear too! Like I said, not the best with customization! Sadly, I didn't get the drink from the new Mystery Capsule I wanted to give her, but maybe I'll get it in due time! Hope you like my little cutie! And hey, maybe share your summer looks too? I'm always down to see how we rock our pets with the season!
  3. Hello there! That certainly is a wild story, you rarely ever consider, let alone hear or even experience, the parents being the source of an issue like freezing. I'm really sorry to hear of the losses with the old account, but I'm glad you're finding some joy and nostalgia in this account again! Your Cybunny is a darling! Something must be said about the simple customization styles, even if they rarely win stuff like Customization Contests. Truly holds more to the aesthetics of pets that get dolled up by their owners, aha! I hope you continue to enjoy your return, and to grow the account in the way you like!
  4. Oh! I didn't know there was an article on Premium! Thank you so much for the link, and that *should* give ample time if I make an alt or if I have to cancel a bit. Thank you mate!
  5. Hello guys. I recently got Premium, as I've been considering a sixth pet for a bit now. However, I'm curious on something. As Premium gives the option for a sixth pet, I looked up what happens if premium runs out, but you still have six pets. The answer I got was, after a certain amount of time, the pet will be pounded if not renewed. My question is, does anyone know *how* long it takes a pet to be pounded? I read it was "a few months," but I have no idea how long a few months truly is. Also, does the few months carry over after renewal, or is it a reset time period every time you renew? I wanna understand this mechanic before I consider getting a sixth pet.
  6. Hopefully someone knows the answers to these, I'm deeply curious on the matter. So my main pet, applexsun, has a Petpet that won a gold trophy a while back (Week 599) in terms of oldest Island Psimouse. My questions entail mostly on said rewarded trophy. I've been wanting to potentially change the color and name of the Petpet, maybe even changing the Petpet entirely (though I'm heavily unsure, and more hoping on the off chance the Psimouse finally gets a new color,) but I wasn't sure if doing either would actually cause me to lose the trophy. Is it possible to lose it, once rewarded, or is it a case of "I have it now, it's mine forever."
  7. I find it funny writing this again, considering literally my last thread was also a returning thread. But, that was well over a year ago, and before I decided to try and delve back into TDN Forums, I stuck to see if I'll be hanging on Neopets for a while. And, given the fact I'm now week 3 into my return, I think it's safe to say that, even if I'm not gonna be 100% avid, I'm here for quite a bit. But yes, hi all! I'm Edwynn, and this month will mark the 13th year anniversary of my account. I'm still shocked that I somehow managed to keep it alive for so long; it may not be my first ever Neopets account, but it is by far the one I've kept the longest, even considering the few times in the past I tried to remake accounts, thinking I lost the ability to access this one. Still remember the day I managed to get a ticket sent, explaining my situation with the lost email and what-not, and TNT actually helped me recover the account. Been a lovely time since, even if sporadic with my updates and returns. I'm currently simply chilling around on Neopets. Making a good bit of NP after reading up more with guides (Managed to go from 200k to 3mil so far, I'm very happy!) and trying to plan out what more I wish to do with my account. Perhaps learn HTML some and actually make a proper look-up, or consider looking into more customization options, since my main applexsun's been rocking the same look for so long now, aha! And today is the day my main is, in fact, 13, as she's as anomaly of being older than my account, as she was my first Neopet in ways of adoption (I think at the time there was a bug where you could actually go without making a Neopet? I do remember for a time I had no Neopets what-so-ever, until I adopted applexsun. Good memories.) But anyways, enough rambling! I hope I manage to keep a good stay here, and I hope I can find myself interacting with others in other forums!
  8. Hello there! I'm Edwynn! A while back I made this account, and for... wow, 11 and a half years now, I've somehow kept my Neopets username from being purged. Guess I've been logging in just enough to not meet an end like that. I can't really remember the last time I tried using this forum... or, really, tried to play Neopets. I wanna say it's been close to a year? It's certainly been a while, and from what I've seen, the site is actually starting to pick up some interest again? As in, it isn't just being barely updated, but seems to be getting some attention again? Which, I mean as in Neopets itself, not TheDailyNeopets. I can clearly see this site still is getting updates, the forums look way different from when I last used them! Anyway, I hope I can try and make a comeback here, and not just disappear within days of arriving. My attention to things dies down so fast, it isn't even funny. But none-the-less, I'm here now! And I hope to have some fun interactions along the way!
  9. I'd say the Viacom Era was more of a middle of the road deal over true Old School. Old School would be back when Adam and Donna ran the site, and I can't speak for it because I wasn't around during that time. From the Viacom Era, I would say I miss stuff like the Wheel of Slime, Keyquest, and Habitarium the most. I also miss the Abandoned Attic, I know it wasn't completely removed, but it's been glitched since 2014 to no longer stock, and since it hasn't been addressed, I'd say it's probably good and gone now. Another thing I miss is plots. I have no idea if we'll ever see more plots come into play now, the Viacom Era really gave way to some interesting ones. My favorite, to this day, is the Neovia one, and Bruno still remains one of my favorite characters; and the reason I love monstrous characters in the first place. (Ignore this if they have released plots, last I remember was the Faerie Ruin Plot, but I thought that was like the end of the Viacom Era. Not sure if that was actually a JumpStart Era plot.) Most of all though, I miss the contests and the like. Some still are active, but a lot now seem to be put on an indefinite hiatus. It's sad a lot of the content is now just barely paid attention now. JumpStart I think may still have time to be a great era, especially since they expressed the reason they purchased Neopets was to focus on the site's now older demographic. But for now, it feels like they still have a long way to go to usurper the Viacom Era.
  10. Hi guys, got a conundrum. Decided to give Ghoul Catchers a try, as someone mentioned it's a very easy 50k a day. So I played it yesterday and got the 50k, and was ready to play it again and have it added to my daily list. However, when I clicked it this time, it was perpetually stuck on a screen where it says "Welcome Back ------." The dashes I figure are supposed to be where my username would go, and yet, my username never came up. I waited for a solid ten minutes and absolutely nothing happened. I tried IE, I tried the IE extension for Chrome, and I just feel stumped. Is this game broken? Or am I doing something wrong? Before anyone asks, yes, I tried to download the game on my phone, but my phone is so old with its technology, when I try to open it, it auto closes the app. And my old iPhone, which I feel would handle it, says the app isn't available despite what the site says. So I really have no choice but the use my computer.
  11. Oh man. This wasn't so much of a game as it was like a diversion with a DVD, but I remember I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD (The movie where they were like puppets? I'm not sure if it had another name.) One of the bonus features was a maze to navigate to get to the Turtles' main base to eat pizza, but had to avoid Shredder and his minions. Those red eyes creeped the heck out of me, and when you got caught, it made a noise that frightened me so bad. If I played that game, I HAD to have the TV muted, it freaked me out that bad. Another game scared me, not so much as a whole, but one event towards the end. Spy Fox in Dry Cereal or something like that. Towards the end, the room where all the cows were in was being flooded by milk, and I was so, so scared of dooming the world by not saving them in time that I shut the game off and never turned it back on, thinking as long as the game didn't run, the cows would be alive. Funny now, how that scared me and now I'm a fan of horror stuff in general.
  12. If you're having issues with the boat not moving even when you press the arrow keys, it could mean it's lagging too hard. Try to lower graphics to lowest, and turn off music and sound for optimization and see how that works. My major tip is to make sure there's always at least one pet in the middle. Rock the boat back and forth enough that they slide to remain there. Jump whenever there's a bomb you need to get rid of, if too many pets are starting to tip the boat without a conscious effort, or if a pet is close to the edge and you need to urge it back towards the middle. Don't bother going after dubloons unless they're an easy nab, they're 30 points but aren't worth a loss. I'm personally really good at the game, not exactly a trophy winner, but enough to have this game in my daily list for an easy 3k. So I hope I was able to prove of some sort of help.
  13. BEYOND ecstatic now. I got the Faerie Quest Cookie yesterday, and my second quest I got was a Fountain Faerie Quest, with an item that only cost me 5-6k. My Ixi, Ansolm, is now Chocolate after some heavy debate, since he was my only unpainted pet. Now I just need to customize him for his new color. Will post how he looks soon! EDIT: Here we go! I got tired of trying to figure out a new customization, so have him with his older one in his new color! It looks a wee bit janky, but he's still cute as a button!
  14. I'm giving an album a gander. A song in a Steampunk Song collection caught my interest, so I'm going to see what the whole album is like. It's called "The Dolls of New Albion - A Steampunk Opera."
  15. Ah, what a fun thing to ponder... So far, I'm enjoying the few pets I have, with applexsun, Ansolm and Atrophier. applexsun and Ansolm I'd probably like to paint at some point. I know for sure I want two more pets (Since I have premium,) that start with A and are just letters. I'd prefer if they were capitalized, or only had capitals on the first letter, but considering applexsun, I'd probably accept a name with all lowercases if the name was interesting enough. My ultimate dream would be a UC Royalboy Kyrii, but I believe that would be far too hard of a dream to achieve. I have no pets that would be good enough to trade for one, and even then I don't want to part with any of mine. applexsun was my first, and I only made Atrophier and Ansolm recently. So a more reasonable idea for my final two... I'm extremely partial to Mutant Acaras and Halloween Unis. So perhaps those two would be lovely additions as my final two pets. It would also work well if I tried to do a horror theme with my pets, with the colors being Mutant, Halloween, Darigan, Wraith, and either Ghost or Zombie. Other than the Acara and Uni though, unsure which of my pets would be what. Perhaps Ansolm would be Darigan, Darigan Ixis are amazing, but perhaps also Zombie. And I do feel like applexsun would do well as a Wraith. But that leaves Atrophier, and I don't really like Ghost, Zombie, OR Darigan Usuls. Plus it would waste the two mil I spent on the Eventide Brush. If I had to choose, maybe I'd make them a Darigan Peophin, I do really like Peophins as well. Ah man, so many ideas.
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