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Found 2 results

  1. Long-time player of Neo, used to be active on TDN Forums (and even did a few midnight crossword posts!), has a cyclical habit of getting super into things for a little while and then poofing away! Right now, my displsy name on here is Lia Seeya but I also used to go by Tivsy! I used to have a great time here interacting with wonderful people, making art, and just having fun. So how are YOU doing today?
  2. If I had a bigger impact on this forum, one would dare say this is a running gag. But alas, I'm just an irregular, who likes to make appearances whenever the desire for Neopets takes hold! Anyway, hello to all old and new! A few days has passed since I revitalized my Neopets account, with quite a few changes in the wings. But, ramblings is neither here nor there for a return to form, hah! I hope that, for once, I'm able to stay longer than a fortnight or so before fading into the abyss again! Especially since Neopets is going through quite some changes now, in their bid to keep the site going during the final days of Flash! And, most importantly, I hope to make many an acquaintance to the people of these forums! I'm sure you're all wonderful folk!
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