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  1. Poisonous Jelly isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've fed it to my pet, on occasion. Every once in a while, while doing dailies, my pet may get an illness from one of the wheels or from Apple Bobbing Bart. Apple Bobbing Bart usually gives Blurred Vision. The cure, Extra Thick Goggles, can sometimes be hard to find in the Pharmacy, and go for 16K NP (or higher), in user shops. A pet can only have 1 sickness at a time, so if I feed my pet Poisonous Jelly, he will usually get NeoMonia, instead of having Blurred Vision. The cure for NeoMonia is Medicinal Soap, which can generally be found in the Pharmacy for 9,165 NP (It seems to stock more often than Extra Thick Goggles) - a little bit cheaper than 16K. Of course, I only do that if my pet doesn't get healed in the Healing Springs in a timely manner. And I have even gone to the Money Tree to find some.
  2. Scrappy heard you (and everyone else). Take a look at today's Neopian Times Editorial, Issue 790, 21 day of Swimming, Y19. She opens the Editorial with a Caption Contest Announcement. Link is located here: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=790 Hope your caption makes it, and good luck!
  3. You do. In your picture above, where it says "Signature", start with the "B", for bold, and count seven items to the right, including the "B". The <> is the "source code" button. But, it looks like you figured it out. Nice TDN signature!
  4. I don't think it ever happened. I believe the image was placed on the "New Features" page, but the contest never went - no way to enter a caption and no way to vote. If you look at the Caption Contest Past Winners, there isn't a picture there, for #1396, and no entries, and no list of winners. If I remember correctly, it happened during the "Great Lag of 2015", where several contests didn't happen, as they were trying to fix the lag problem.
  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! That is AWESOME news! Woo-Hoo! We have lianakos back!!! On that note, going for the Awakened. First Skirmish team I ever joined, and I like the "Haunted woods" vibe. As always, good luck, no matter what faction you join and see you in the Battledome!
  6. Wow! This is exciting! I thought the Caption Contest was gone forever! Well, I went ahead and entered a caption: EDIT: 21 July 2017 - I removed the caption I submitted. Although it appears it hasn't been accepted, today's Neopian Times Editorial, Issue 790, 21 day of Swimming, Y19, Scrappy mentioned the "new rules": "CAPTION CONTEST ANNOUCEMENT: Alright guys, a lots going on here so here's the deal. The one was kinda thrown off since we published it later in the month and we still wanted everyone to vote. SO, Sunday will be last day for submissions! Cut off will be Noon PST. Then the voting will remain open for the rest of July and winners will be announced. Now, from now on that is not how things will be going. From August forward, we will release a new image on the 1st of every month. Submissions will be allowed the first week (7 days) in every month. Then the captions will be released and voting will be open for the last three weeks of each month! I know I know this is an avatar round but I'm also going to make an Avatar round every 10 contests so it will be about once a year! (Also I might add a special one in whenever I'm feeling generous) Also, so all of you Neopians can take a breather...I'm making August an Avatar round as well so those that felt cheated in this round have a fair chance of winning...don't waste it :) Also, Caption Contest will be monthly instead of weekly! Now, as for the rules - they are remaining the same as previous Caption Contest's, for the most part. This means the only advertising that will be allowed from this moment forward is through your Neoboard Signature. (Yes on any board, not just the charter board) However, NO BOARDS DEDICATED TO ADVERTISING YOUR CAPTION ARE ALLOWED. The monitors have been informed of this rule, so please keep the advertising strictly to your signature! Okay friends, I thinks that all I have on that. Love you all, remember to breath. All will be okay :)" As TDN is a Neopets approved site, and "the only advertising that will be allowed from this moment forward is through your Neoboard signature", I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to bend/break the rules, so I removed it. If your entry made it, good luck!
  7. I know the Candy Kiko is supposed to look like/resemble this: But all I see is this: (EDIT: Never mind. It will not let me paste the picture I was wanting. Think bedazzled football - https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/7b/77/10/7b77104804d73ebd65503ba1cc17b8c9.jpg) The Custard is ok, for custard. At least they remembered the band-aids. The outfit is nice, too.
  8. Maybe I should have just stuck with "Peter Piper"...
  9. I wish you were still here...

  10. Is it just me, or does this make anyone else nervous? The trend has been that anytime TNT/JS "fixes" something on Neopets, something else breaks. But I think @jellysundae "hit the nail on the head" with the sense of community comment. As they are working on an upcoming plot, and one that involves battles/battling, seeing your Neofriends online would make it seem more personal, a sense of adventure, and group accomplishment - like being on a team with your friends, all fighting for the same cause. And, as a plot sometimes brings "long lost" Neopians back, reconnecting with your "old" friends again, might help bring the active "user" numbers back up. Smart move, if that is the case. Very smart, indeed. And, if the plot goes off and finishes "without a hitch", then I suspect many Neopians (like me), might start to think, "Hey! TNT/JS just pulled this off AND fixed the Neofriends beforehand. Maybe they have finally "got it together" and can really start to fix this site and bring it to updated standards, with fresh new content!" Well, one can still hope. I wonder if NetDragon had any hand in this? I don't really think they did. But, I bet they could find a way to bring KeyQuest back.
  11. Will the next posting poster's post proffer a positively profitable postscript of a win?
  12. If you wish, I'm fine with it. jellysundae, deboratibi, and Yuiina are true experts and have provided great ideas. I think Peri would look beautiful, no matter what.
  13. Winner, winner, chicken dinner?
  14. I don't know why, and I'm speaking from little to no real customization experience, but I like it, the way it is. I guess I'm thinking, "less is more". The mostly greyish background makes her really stand out. All the colors are on her, so she is the focus of attention. She's like Cinderella, walking into the Castle ballroom, where all eyes are on her and how beautiful she is. Nothing in the foreground or sides to distract. The colors of the dress, hair, and yellow pet markings, make her "pop" out. Anyhow, like I said, that's my take and not helpful, at all, especially from a horrible customizer. But I just wanted to mention I think the simplicity of it makes it stellar.
  15. Take a look at this TDN topic, here: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/48456-shockwave-games/#comment-826639. I posted 3 possible ways on how you can get the Shockwave games to work. If you have any questions, please ask and good luck! Oh, TDN has a great game guide for Dice Escape, here: http://thedailyneopets.com/neopets-games/dice-escape. Definitely helped me get the avatar and a game trophy!
  16. This is great news! And, yes, a very BIG thank you to the generous individual! As for @jellysundae's question, "...what's the next goal likely to be?", SuAP is a thought. I mean, wouldn't it be awesome to be loaned TDN's SuAP, along with TDN's Pea Chia?!
  17. You may have seen this already, but take a look at this link - https://csdashlane.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202625162-How-to-disable-or-re-enable-Dashlane-autofill-on-a-specific-webpage-or-website. It states, "Note: This is for the browser extension in Chrome, Firefox and Safari only." I take it you are using Chrome? Double check that "This entire website" is set to "Fill forms and and login info" for Neopets and any of the other sites that autofill/autocomplete doesn't seem to work anymore. As I am not sure how Dashlane installs/integrates with a web browser, meaning it could turn off or disable certain browser features, like autofill and password remembering, maybe check Chrome's autofill settings: 1. Click Chrome's "menu" button - three vertical dots, top, right corner of Chrome. 2. Select "Settings". 3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and click "Advanced". 4. Look for "Password and forms". 5. Click "Autofill settings". 6. Make sure it is set to "On". If neither of those two things help, then you might want to submit a help request with Dashlane.
  18. The Biscuit seems plain, to me. I just feels like it is missing something. Not all, but several species have "chocolate" accents. And that is what I think is missing - the "chocolate chips". To be fair, as a Gelert "lover", I do not like the Biscuit Gelert, either. IMO, the Biscuit color on the Tuskaninny (and Gelert) should be called "Sand Sculpture", as they looks more like sand sculptures. However, again, being fair, I think the Biscuit color is supposed to be like English biscuits, and from what I recall, they don't usually have chocolate chips, like American cookies. So, just not a color for me. I like Eventide and I think it looks good on a Tuskaninny. Maybe they could have used less yellow on the bottom, and gradually adding more orange, red, and purple? Still undecided about the outfit. Putting a "mermaid dress" on a "mermaid" shaped pet, just seems strange. But, I guess it is hard to make items for "tailed" pets.
  19. I think Zihea looks really good, too! Congratz! And great job for making up your mind. I know it must have been hard.
  20. "Treat You Better" in my pants (Shawn Mendes)
  21. Oh! Wow! The Marble is purdy! It looks like a giant lava lamp! Then, again, it also looks like a "fruit-on-the-inside" jelly! And, I think the Pastel is nice, too. It's more of a subtle pastel and not an "in-your-face" bright one. The clothes aren't too bad. Trying to figure out the reference, if any, for it. EDIT: Oops! I forgot to mention, Happy Ixi Day! Although I don't have one, I think Ixis are some of the neatest pets on Neopets. Why? Well, they seem to be generous. There's Trudy, who, without her discovery, I wouldn't be "surprised", especially with getting 100K NP, once a month. Then, there's Tarla. Catch her just right, and she may give you an item from her warehouse. And, don't forget, there's Sinsi, who has a game. Sure, it is challenging, but make it past level 5 and you can get an avatar! I can appreciate Ixis for that.
  22. I heard that, but UNTIL they actually do it, or at least mention more about, I didn't feel it was "report worthy". Country Queen, late last year, mentioned something was in the works, when people were asking about the new, nameless Battledome that was appearing in the Battledome. So, I don't really know. It could be. But is really going to be a plot, or more of a "plot like" event? JS has been good, lately, with the events. The events, basically, run themselves. What I mean is, the code for the events has been around and already written and still works. JS just has to reuse the code, create some new artwork and let it run - GMC, DD, Advent Calendar, Negg Hunt, Faerie Quest event, and the AC. I think the only "original" thing they have done is Charity Corner, but, again, I think the coding isn't too difficult, except maybe for awarding avatars. That was messed up with the Winter Charity Corner and is still messed up with their "newest" game AAA's Revenge. With all that said, I DO appreciate all of the work they have done, especially with bring some of the events back (GMC, DD) that were skipped/not done, in years past. I hope they do launch a plot, and a successful one, at that. However, as I've said before, it's not something to hold your breath for. If/when it does happen, I'll be excited and making posts (like crazy!) here. But until then, "I'll believe it, when it see it."
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