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  1. OK,so I did that and it worked! Thank you so much for helping me find my mistake. :) And I did check both TDN and SunnyNeo's spellbook finder and they both matched. Again, thank you for helping me find my mistake. I must've read it wrong and therefore put in it wrong. -sherlock_fan Update: The Altador plot for me is finished! Thank you to the people who have helped me along the way. :happydance:
  2. OK, so I'm stuck on the end of Part 14 of the Altador plot in which you have to find a spellbook. Now, I've used SunnyNeo and TDN's spellbook finder and both have given me different coordinates for the library rooms. Now, here are the original coordinates for the Sleeper, as found in the star data provided by thedailyneopets.com: -279,290 -239,260 -199,230 -159,230 -199,260 -79,290 OK, so putting those coordinates into TDN's spellbook finder thing, I got these coordinates: 11,9. I went and checked the room and I didn't even find it. I checked again, nada. So, I'm like, let
  3. Congrats on getting it! I was able to get it through the SunnyNeo clicky thing. I even printed it out and crossed off which ones I've tried. :D
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