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  1. I haven't logged on to neopets in a while and have forgotten the birth date to my prized account, marshmallowspuff! I am submitting a ticket to receive my account back! Thus if we were neofriends on my account please tell me so i can prove it is me trying to get my account back!
  2. I don't know if there is a post about this already but I couldn't find one. I want people to share their stories and we could collectively try and fix anxiety. Anxiety sucks. Anxiety attacks are worse. Just having my first one scared me to wits end. One second I'm about to fall asleep and the next i look up and boom mind is racing and heart is beating crazily. I get up and start walking around, having a tingly sensation in my arms and face. My mind is racing so fast I can't tell what is giving me this anxiety or anything. After this I just break down. Tears rush down my face and my nose is stuffed up. I try doing breathing exercises and drinking water but it wasn't helping. I call my sister at college and she helps me through it, but my mind is still racing. I have begun to calm down now and I believe i would know the causes of this random anxiety attack. Recently we dropped off my sister at college and I was super close to her, I would always talk to her at night, now she's gone and I feel alone. Another cause could've been my recent visit to the ER for my heart beating through my chest. Another reason could have been receiving a mysterious letter from a person with no return address, and my mind ran to the 2001 Anthrax attacks. Another reason could be school stress. As I write this, my mind is calm again and I gladly feel tired as I only got 4 hours of sleep last night due to the Emergency Room with my Heart. School starts really early, 7:20 to be exact so I have to wake up at 6:30 the latest. But yeah I just had to share this experience and I wanted to see if anyone else on here has had a bad anxiety attack and to share their stories.
  3. ~Ğǿǿmy~

    Any Help?

    Hello TDN Fourms, sorry i haven't been on for a while summer work from school has been keeping me busy since the end of july. Last night, I was just laying in my bed and I could feel my heart beating when I laid on my stomach. I didn't think of anything so I feel asleep, but when I woke up today i had the same feeling, my heart was beating faster, as if i just ran a mile. I googled it, but all the answers and description weren't what i was experience, my heart isn't hurting and it isn't beating harder. But it feels as if i have all of this energy in my chest. So google wasn't any help. And I wasn't about to go to the doctor for a minuscule thing like this, and pay over 100 dollars. Does any know what this is? I don't believe its anything, but i would just like to know is happening. Thanks!
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