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Happy Lupe Day!


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I love the polka dots, but wish the purple and white were reversed.  As is, it looks really weird since most animals are not lighter on top like that.  Sort of like how the second (which is SO cool) looks.  It's cute, but a bit jarring.  I really love the plushie, and wish the headphones were separate from the hood on the outfit, because that's the only bit I actually like of it, ah well.  The tail looks like something that should be on a uni >_>  

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The Polka Dot Color is cute! The purple is a neat color to add to it, and it doesn't feel too chaotic while still having a good party theme!! :P

The wild Outfit is lovely, I like how fluffy the Lupe looks! I love when they make more realistic-looking Pet Outfits, but keep it from being too uncanny. It usually brings adorable results! Plus, as I've learned recently, it's a nice way to learn about new real-life species!

The cyberpunk one is really cool, I just wish the colors weren't as crazy? I like the muted tones for the fur and outfit, with the more brighter ones being the accents, but I wish they stuck with a few colors rather than all of them. I don't mind it, I just think if they went with full pink, purple, and blue, or blue with green, etc., it could've been better. Just me, though! Still a nice theme!

A cool day, Lupes!

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