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Happy Kougra Day!


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I adore this Steampunk Color!! I'm usually pretty mixed in my opinions for the Steampunk Pets, sometimes they're great, sometimes I wish they just never added them... But this definitely fits the bill for the first one! The colors and shading all make it look so elegant, and each piece feels unique in its detail. Only wish that some of them were separated, like the hat and the eyepiece, or the shoes and the gloves. But overall, an amazing Color.

The neon outfit is nice too! Originally, I thought that the colors were nice, but didn't feel like they'd work well together... But I think it's still a great set, and I could see it being improved with other wearables. Love each item on its own though!

The white markings remind me of a snow leopard, it's really cute! And the tan one reminds me of a lynx, also cute! A neat and simple set :D

I'm a big Kougra fan, but even if I wasn't, this day still gave a lot of good ones!

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