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Happy Uni Day!


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♫My little pony
My little pony♫


Ooohhhh, this was a GREAT day!  Only ones I'm kinda meh about are the food (don't collect it) and the braided mane!  The dimensional is completely wicked, and the flower mane is adorable.  Oh, and I love MLP, so the cutie marks are just delightful!

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The Dimensional Uni looks so cool!! I like how there's little hints of purple / pink, so it's not just a dark blue with lighter highlights. They did really good for this Pet!

I adore this flower braid, the colors just complement each other so well, and it really goes great with the overall design of the Uni! The brown braid, while not as awesome, is still really cute! I could see it being nice with other wearables :D I like the stained glass type of horn and cutie mark (I guess we could call it that lol!) The colors are really nice! The opal themed horn is a bit better, in my opinion, it looks so magical! The mark is also nice, but feels a bit small compared to the final one. Speaking of, the glitter one is really cute! A really good set here!! :D

A delightful day, Unis!

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