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Happy Zafara Day!


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40 minutes ago, Angeló said:

it's a Miamouse

**facepalm**  You are correct.  It is.  I have no idea how I made that mistake.  I blame that I was getting ready to leave work and my brain goofed, haha.  You'd think I'd know two of my favourites apart, but noooo.  Apparently.  NOT!  😂

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The Mosaic Color is fun! I like the way they made the chest fur look like a swirl with the different colors, and the striking red tail looks like a leaf in autumn! Very cool 🙂

Awww, I am in love with this little kangaroo Zafara!! It even has a little baby ❤️ So adorable!!

The plant one is definitely interesting. While the art is lovely, it does seem a bit odd as wearables... Still a cool idea, though!

A neat day, Zafaras!

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