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Vote for the Obelisk War! Round 238

Which faction are you joining this round?  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. Which faction are you joining?

    • Order of the Red Erisim
    • Seekers
    • Brute Squad

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Who will you join this round?

Remember you need to win 10 battles to qualify for boons or consolation prizes!

EDIT: Oxbridge786 has finally updated their petpage.

Obelisk Team Last Win Win % Prediction
Brute Squad 2 rounds ago 26% 29%
Order of the Red Erisim 3 rounds ago 39% 38%
Seekers 4 rounds ago 31%


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I'm probably going with the order, but I'll make my final decision tomorrow.

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I'm leaning toward the Seekers as well. They're 2nd, but only by a little bit in Oxbridge's prediction. The draw of boons like Bank Bribery and some other popular boons might help give them the advantage as far as who joins which faction.

But I'm gonna join up tomorrow.


EDIT: Decided to join The Seekers. Good luck everyone! 🙂

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