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Ghoul Catchers ?

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TL:DR I got my account back the other day after being frozen for allegedly cheating at flash games (I never cheated at anything!) and got all NPs and items wiped... It's all good it's just a game... Trying to get back to stamp collecting nothing in millions ever I've already got the collectible cards that aren't millions. Looking at stock market maybe it seems a little involved.

Found I still had Ghoul Catchers on my phone and it still works? I thought it was shut down in Dec. last year... but on Neoboards people are still playing too? Is this against the rules I don't wanna get banned again?

Also I got a message logging in:

The Penguins are working on a very special mission plan! Our server will be down from 09/07/2021 06:30 AM to 09/07/2021 08:30 AM PST to help them get their plan ready!

The Ghoul Catchers servers weren't shut down in Dec. 2020 but will be on the 7th?

Please advise; thank you!

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4 hours ago, jaydeed said:

No, it's fine. I've seen that message before and it's nothing, just routine servicing. GC is still awarding nps and there's no problem with playing it.

Oh my gosh! Is GC still up in the phone app store for download or if I uninstalled it am I doomed to be unable to play it?

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That's what I wasn't clear... I thought they were shutting the Ghoul Catchers servers down. Maybe don't need servers if the app is sending to the website, not sure?

Apple keeps history of downloaded apps in store for security reasons to prevent faked apps, very closed source with their code except with the surveillance agencies... If you've gotten the app in the past and currently your OS still supports it can simply "reinstall" from cloud.


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