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Well, Here's Another 1st For ME

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I know I am SO easily impressed, sometimes amazed, by things I find on Neo but here's another 1st for me. I am cleaning out my closet because with the 650 item limit and my closet at 1909 items my closet will not load. I didn't have this problem before the *new changes* to the site. So I started putting the stuff in my inventory to decide if it goes in the shop or the SDB. I run across this item in the inventory, pull up the SSW and no results found. Boy, I thought WOW! I hit the jackpot and found an expensive item that could make me rich!!! Here is the item name... Donny’s Christmas Toy Repair Shop Background ... I couldn't find it on JN or the regular SW so I started fooling around with the name and of coarse finally found it on JN by leaving out the 1st word in the name. It is supposed to be... Donny’s Christmas Toy Repair Shop Background ...  I've seen glitches before but honestly, this one did throw me a curve. It displays wrong in my shop as well. I know all of you have seen glitches in names and other stuff. Want to mention some of the weird ones you've had or seen?

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Not really an item glitch, but my favourite glitch is the Over-Age Petpet.


My boy Tux has a petpet several years older that he is which is wild. A little googling led me to the pet page linked above and it was a fascinating read from start to finish. Highly recommended!

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