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Fuyu Flowga

Fuyu's Seekers art

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Here are my artworks and comic pages about Seekers, hope you enjoy!



Gyro, the Mad Scientist brother?




Gyro's choice




TNT said that Gyro has six little sisters, but their species are unknown, so I designed them by myself.

Reina(Cybunny), Punica(Usul), Nanalice(Xweetok), Sora(Acara), Miu(Jubjub), Ai(Wocky).

These six little sisters will appear in my other Seekers comics, they will meet other Seekers members and have new stories!


Kind-hearted Cotterpin






In my story, Tom is is tough and strong, but he is really gentle and reliable, he always care for others.

He is loyal and trusted by Professor Lambert.


Sandro's roommate



Purple Cybunny Pyjamas, This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9.

I made my blue Shoyru wear it for a long time...I think it can be memorable for me. 🙂


The sleeping scientist


Gyro always talks in sleep...not only about science, but also...


Time to fight!


Assistant Philosopher and Smug Scientist!! Just kidding!


Head patting!


In Japanese anime, people sometimes pat the head of a person (usually a younger one who is close to them) to praise his or her efforts or achievements. They also do that to cheer somebody up.

Well...Katie is the youngest one, but she still enjoy patting Gyro's head. XD


Tom's important work?


I'm sure Gyro's wings are great reference objects for Tom's mechanical wings.


If you ask...why don't you draw Professor Lambert? He is the leader of Seekers, he should appear in your art.

My answer is...I am not good at drawing Gnorbu...so...


Seriously, are you sure you want to see my Professor Lambert art?




See? That's why I didn't make him appear in comic...

Maybe one day he will get chance...if I decided to draw him again, who knows?


Hope you enjoy my Seekers art and comics, I will make more if I have time to draw.

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Oh wow! I love how clean and neat your art is, so nicely-done!

The first thing that really stood out to me was the expressions on the characters. You are very good at conveying emotion in your art! ❤️

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