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NC Mall: Free Valentines Goodie Bag!

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i knew that item was free the second i saw the preview of what's inside

why can't the free stuff be nice too ?!

Yes i know it's free and I shouldnt complain but it's just something that will sit in my SDB forever and i'll never use it .. but that's not what wearables are intended for , is it ?

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@Angeló I totally agree, I'm shocked if a freebie is actually something decent. xD These things are simply following in the grand tradition of RL free gifts from anywhere though, aren't they, there's a reason why these things are free! :laugh:

It's better than a set of truly rubbish kitchen tubs that the lids don't fit on, or a really naff pen that stops working close to immediately, or a set of ugly mugs, or some fabric thing: a scarf/pashmina; a throw, whatever it is it's always, always, a dull shade of beige... the list goes on! x'D



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