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Neopets Beta: V0.4.5 Release Notes!

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A new update was released today for Neopets Beta which includes a Valentines Day site theme, a new clock, the Wheel of Monotony release and various bug fixes!

  • A new Winter and Valentines Day site theme has been added.
  • Wheel of Monotony has been converted and sound effects are back on!
  • Neopets Standard Time clock added to site theme.
  • Bug fixes (bookmark issues, Neopoint counter auto updates, graphical updates)

Coming soon is a Festival of Neggs site theme, HMTL5 conversions for Maps, Faerie Quests and Community Central. 


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Yeah I was very happy when the clock appeared yesterday! :D

Now we have the thing I wondered about with the wheel of Monotony when I saw how the wheels work now, as they do not run in the background any more do they, obviously that's a big problem with this particular wheel! My friend Mario says open it up in a separate window and it should work though... 🤔




Yup! Can you see?? It's still spinnin' cough.gif



I can entertain myself checking up on this during the morning now, watching via the taskbar seems all covert, like I'm a spy or something.  :laugh:


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