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Any Way to Change How Pages Appear on Topics?

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Added a picture for an example. It's been a long while since I used this site, and I swore, when I did, the pages were more horizontal in their appearance; it created a less bulky feel, and let you see more topics at one time as a result.

Since returning though, I noticed now that, if a topic has multiple pages, it goes vertical, making the posts appearing rather unruly, and having it be hard to see more than maybe three topics at one time.

Did I completely misremember, and the page alignment always was this way? Is there an option I'm missing to make the page numbers appear in the way I desire it?

I guess for the most part, it's not the most massive of deals. Many topics rarely ever have more than, at most, a few pages. But I was just deeply curious if something either changed, or I'm missing something here.


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I think it's a fairly recent change, although I can't be sure as to when I first noticed it. (I think the same change also caused our avatars to be slightly mis-aligned and covering our member rank.) Maybe Invision Community and/or ipsfocus (which power this forum/its design; see links all the way on the bottom of the page, in the footer) did an update? I'm not really sure. But you're definitely not misremembering it. :smile:  

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