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I go through phases of having them then not.  

Some of my stranger ones:  I was Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall was leading me past a white picket fence like the errant schoolgirl I was to where I was needing to tell Professor Snape that he and I were expecting a child.

I've had a few with my middle school crush (ick) where it seems he and I are the only people who can move.  One from my old music theory professor where I was trying to apologise to him for something, one where he was wandering up to the wall I was building in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  I know there's been at least one more, but I can't remember it now.

Had one when I was a kid where I was being chased by Jaws.  Well, two really, but the second the most I remember was that we were driving boats on the roads and he could follow me up my driveway, then morphed into some sort of humanoid creature that I knew was my father while I was hiding behind boxes in the garage.  The first he was able to swim through carpeted floor, but not tile, and concrete but not grass.  I had jumped in the back of a truck on the driveway, and was yelling at my dog to get on the grass because she was standing around sniffing at the driveway.

Being chased is a big recurring theme in my dreams.  Well, nightmares I suppose.  One I was at the theatre I used to work at.  This creepy guy who would like stare through you was there, and somehow I got the boss to allow me to leave the front because I was afraid of him.  This. . . not quite intelligent person who worked with us who I couldn't stand was downstairs as I ran up to get away from him, and for whatever reason gave the guy authorisation to be upstairs in the projection room which was obviously employees only.  Again I was hiding behind/between boxes and completely wedged in while trying to avoid detection. . .

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My dreams tend to be vivid and have several predictable patterns from dream to dream. For example, If I'm flying I use my feet to steer. Every time. And more often than not I wake up and tell someone about my dream, but I'm still asleep and dreaming. And thirdly, any nightmares involve visual images and a lack of physical control (throat chokes up when trying to talk, seeing through my closed eyes, etc). My strangest recent dream was actually so horrific that I've been refusing to tell anyone hoping that I'll forget it faster. I made that decision as soon as I woke up. Oddly (and irritatingly) enough, two nights later I dreamed that I met up with a friend and told her about the dream I want to forget. I actually added to the scenario. Which turned my nightmare into a composite of two different dreams and made it harder to forget. 

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