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Rate my BD set please

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Not too sure what to make of my current set, but I try to cover as many areas as possible i.e. Attack/Defence/Healing/Freezing, etc.

  • Ghostkersword - Attack
  • SuAP - Attack
  • WoDF - Attack
  • Jhudoras Wand - Attack + Defence (air)
  • HNMS - Defence (mixed icons)
  • Pirate Captains Hat - Defence (earth + light)
  • RoDN - Defence (dark + fire) + Healing + dark novas (just for the fun of it :P)
  • Sword of Lameness - Healing + Freezing

My pet has well over 1k HP and maxed out STR and DEF. I do not have much NPs at this point to splurge on new stuff but would consider selling/trading what's in my set for something that works better for my pet.

Any opinions/suggestions helps! Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Charelan,

Thanks for your reply! I was starting to get worried and wonder if users here don't usually respond to questions on BD set (though it doesn't seem so looking at the replies other posts received lol). Now that you mentioned this it struck me that I am not using a common set =X

Anyway what I had in my current set has undergone a few rounds of evolution,  from once per battle bombs (gbomb/mbomb) and healers (fpot/h4k helmet) to mainly multiuse constants that covers a wide range of icon types. I am looking at the equipment and believe that I still have room for improvement, since I have had many losses in 1P battles to tougher opponents such as Space Faerie, Slug Monster and even Plumbeard (sheesh) as well as 2P fights. I feel that Pirate Captains Hat and SOL may be the Achilles heel since one is semi-fragile and the other totally random. What do you think of this?

Of course if anyone else would like to share your views please feel free to do so ?

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1P and 2P need a completely different approach but I think the main problem why you didn't get much replies is that your set is what many would dream to have and don't have a clue how to rate or improve it, me included.

for 1p it will depend on the opponent, you can figure out what will be thrown at you, and depending on your abilities you might not even need a lot of defense or different kinds of attack, icon wise. Since you have the max booster you'll do a lot of damage, so you should be able to take out a lot of them in max 2 turns.

If you take on even harder opponents and you need to heal mid battle I do miss a decent healer in your set. SoL can heal, but it is uncertain. when you need it, it might even do nothing. It's a personal thing of course but for me, I don't like uncertainty/gambling in fights. I'm unfamiliar with the RoDN, not even sure what it stands for to be honest, but I see it has healing too. I just hope it has enough healing when you really need it.

You should be able to take on the space faerie without problems though. Even I was able to beat her and I'm nowhere near a set like yours. I also don't have max boosting, not even half way there (close to half way though).

I don't think a bomb would do much good in your set, not anymore.

Anyway, like I said, it will depend on who you're fighting. You might not need all the defense icons and you can only use 2 attack weapons at one time, so unless your icons get blocked you only need 2 of those too.

That's why most sets have 2 main attack weapons, 1 healer, 1 bomb and a few defense weapons from which we usually take 2 depending on the opponent.

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Duma really gave you some excellent advice! The ONLY bomb I could see that MIGHT be useful to you would be the Moehog Skull, as it's pretty much an all-in-one battle bonanza. I mean it attacks, defends AND freezes. Of course being bomb-like, it's only once per battle. You probably already know it's stats, but I'll post the link for ease and for those who don't know of it yet. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/moehog-skull

Duma also has a point about a healer. If you can't afford a Bag of Healing Dust (50% heal) or greater, I'd recommend Velms Healing Potion. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/velms-healing-potion

If you've beaten NQ2 on Normal, you may already have one. It either heals 10% of max HP, or if your HP is 10 or below it will give you a full heal. Sword of Lameness can heal, but as you know it's very random as to what it will do. I say this looking at the numbers as I've never owned one.

Another cheaper full heal, but a risky one, is the Ice Scorchstone, as it heals only 24% of the time, and does nothing the rest. IF you decide to do 2-Player, you  could always make an Everlasting Crystal Apple in the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. It's not a GREAT healer, only 30hp, but it is multiple use and will display your opponent's equipment so you know what they have.

I'm surprised the entry doesn't have the ingredients listed. If I recall correctly, Everlasting Apple AND Jhudoras Crystal Ball. Combine them in the Cooking Pot. OR You COULD just get a Jhudoras Crystal Ball for 2-player. It still lists your 2-player opponent's equipment, just lacks the minuscule 30hp healing. So it takes up a slot.

I would say, since you say you are low on NP right now. a Downsize! would be cheap, otherwise I would suggest a Thyoras Tear, which is full defense once per battle instead of the 50% block once per battle you get with Downsize!

I would agree with your assessment about Sword Of Lameness. It's a bit too random to be relied upon, I could see it being a hindrance in 2p. I don't 2p battle anymore, never did much of it anyway, but you need something more reliable for that slot. Moehog Skull is really pricey so probably not that. Maybe Downsize! or a Healer? It's a shame that stealing is still not working. I would suggest a sticky hand or Heavy Robe of Thievery, provided your pet met the low INT and the 201 Agility requirements.

You could put a 1-use item in there. Such as a Thick Smoke Bomb. Since it would defend you entirely for 1-turn, then you'd have to buy another after 1-use though. Really, it depends on your opponents and whether they are 1p or 2p. Like Duma said, both should be prepared for differently. I hope this helps, if you have further questions feel free to ask.

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