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  1. Hi Charelan, Thanks for your reply! I was starting to get worried and wonder if users here don't usually respond to questions on BD set (though it doesn't seem so looking at the replies other posts received lol). Now that you mentioned this it struck me that I am not using a common set =X Anyway what I had in my current set has undergone a few rounds of evolution, from once per battle bombs (gbomb/mbomb) and healers (fpot/h4k helmet) to mainly multiuse constants that covers a wide range of icon types. I am looking at the equipment and believe that I still have room for improvement, since I have had many losses in 1P battles to tougher opponents such as Space Faerie, Slug Monster and even Plumbeard (sheesh) as well as 2P fights. I feel that Pirate Captains Hat and SOL may be the Achilles heel since one is semi-fragile and the other totally random. What do you think of this? Of course if anyone else would like to share your views please feel free to do so ?
  2. Not too sure what to make of my current set, but I try to cover as many areas as possible i.e. Attack/Defence/Healing/Freezing, etc. Ghostkersword - Attack SuAP - Attack WoDF - Attack Jhudoras Wand - Attack + Defence (air) HNMS - Defence (mixed icons) Pirate Captains Hat - Defence (earth + light) RoDN - Defence (dark + fire) + Healing + dark novas (just for the fun of it :P) Sword of Lameness - Healing + Freezing My pet has well over 1k HP and maxed out STR and DEF. I do not have much NPs at this point to splurge on new stuff but would consider selling/trading what's in my set for something that works better for my pet. Any opinions/suggestions helps! Thanks in advance :)
  3. Hi all, I'm urgently looking for this stamp "The Sleeper Constellation Stamp". Kindly let me know if you have one for sale, thanks a lot!
  4. Hi all, I am selling a Jhudoras Potion (got it from her quests :D ). Going for 3.6M on TP but will do 3.4M for fellow TDN members. http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=id&search_string=413499166 Do feel free to NM me for other offers.
  5. Hi Aquamentis, Thanks for the reply! I am thinking of doing away with the rusty pitchfork. I don't have any full blocking shields at this moment apart from Downsize, as I'm trying out the reflector method. In addition I'm thinking of upgrading my healer as 50hp once per battle is certainly not sufficient for my pet in the near future (I'm putting my pet on intensive training). As for freezer I'm thinking of upgrading to a 100% one too but that will come a little later (perhaps in the form of H4000 helmet or Freezing potion. My pet's stats are presently as such: Strength: 94 Defence: 8 (it's very low :X) Movement: 44 HP: 85 About equipping 2 peas, on a side note, I'm not too sure if most battledomers out there possess full blockers or reflectors like Ultra Dual Shovels to fully resist their combined attacking power. Then again, I might be wrong :) Regarding I-staff and WoDF, could you explain to me where and how the staff beats the wand? I've read about the abilities of both weapons but have not used either one before. The only thing I know as of now is that the wand has stronger offense and healing powers, perhaps if you could be kind to give a quick comparison on the above 3 options (or others if you think of any) based on different scenarios I would have a clearer picture :) Cheers!
  6. Hey guys, Need your expert opinions on putting together my BD set. Am currently using: 1. SuAP 2. 50hp constant healer 3. 50% freezer 4. Hanso Charisma Charm 5. U-bend of Great Justice 6. Downsize 7. G-bomb 8. Rusty Pitchfork I am thinking of getting either 1) another SuAP or 2) I-staff or 3) Faerie Slingshot (I've not enough nps to get a WoDF :/ ) Appreciate if anyone can help with some advice. Cheers!
  7. Hi fellow Neopians, Nice to meet everyone :) I'm still a newbie on Jellyneo so please let me know if I have broken any rules (hopefully not) on my posts. I am currently building up the Bdome battle set for my pet and need your opinions on this. My pet is level 40+ with Attack/ Agility/ Defense all levelled out (around 40+). His current equipment is: 1. Hanso Charisma Charm 2. Sword of Reif 3. Portable Cloud 4. Sword of Lameness 5. Mask of Coltzan Additionally, I was given a Faerie Slingshot (courtesy of a long-time friend) and I am thinking if it helps to equip my pet with it or have it traded for other weapons. I have been given an offer of [Ghostkersword + Sword of Lameness + Ghostkershield or Kelpbeards] for my Faerie Slingshot. I understand that the attack power of FSS could be insane but that is only 1/3 of the time. What do you guys think? Any advice helps! Cheers :)
  8. Hi fellow Neopians! Nice to meet all of you. My name is Leig and this is my second account after a gap of 15 years In real life I am a college student, neither too young nor too old to be playing Neopets. Left the game after my first account was hacked into and it was too much of a bother for me to restart from scratch, but I chanced upon the website again somehow this year and decided to have another go at it. Great to see that NP is still as vibrant through all these years, am really looking forward to making new friends here! My favourite Neopet is Scorchio! It is currently a JubJub (zapped by the Secret Lab Ray) but still awesome nonetheless :rock:
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