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Faerie Quest Help


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12 minutes ago, CosmicPanic said:

Dunno if this thread is still active? But I'm really struggling to find Gravy Hot Dog.. if anyone can help?
Thanks in advance!

Here you go! :D



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3 hours ago, ndiane said:

I have apparently been thrown into my first Faerie Quest and didn’t realize until I found I was locked out of The Shop Wizard.

I’m in search of a Mynci T-Shirt, if anyone can help. Thanks! 

lil_tickle_me_elmo 5 3,000 NP

yelanates 3 3,000 NP

lisaacloud 1 3,388 NP

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EDIT: Found one! Used a shop link from above and searched til I found a shop with one. Thanks!

I'm looking for a Moehog Card King Moustache , if anyone can help me out with a shop link! I swear I see this at least once a day in the Money Tree, but I've been browsing there, the Second Hand Shoppe, and Unis Clothing ALL DAY and so far I just haven't caught one.


Thank you for your help!!

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25 minutes ago, Neopoints Treasurer said:

She came out of nowhere! I don't want to be a Blechy...



Ah, the Neopian returns without my item. Clearly you want me to turn you into a Blechy.

You are supposed to bring me:

Wind Up Tonu


Here you go!

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13 minutes ago, Duma said:


Here you go!

Hmph, your competence is annoying. Very well, I'll reward you. With warts! Just kidding.

For your efforts, NPSCollector's health has increased!
She is rude lol. Thank you, again. 🙂
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13 hours ago, itsmekaitlin said:


I need a Sunny Side Up Negg 

This is an NC item and can not be found with the Shop wizard plus, according to JellyNeo's database: "This item may not be traded via Gift Boxes"

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