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Happy Hissi Day!


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I love these Elderly Hissis! Usually, the Elderly Color is just ok for me, never something I'd be looking for. But this is great! The clothes look really stylish and elegant, and the little skin flakes really give it a fun spin on an older snake shedding its skin! Great idea, whoever came up with this one. 🙂

The futuristic Outfit looks SICK, although it really depends what base Color you use. It's almost enough to form its own Color haha! But I love the pastel glow with the chrome-like metal, really cool concept!

Definitely a great day for the Hissis!

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As much as I do have a yuck factor to the dead scales, it's an amazing attention to detail for the older look! Have to say, I think I like the Elderly Girl look a good bit more than the boy, if only because their outfit is fantastic!

Not the biggest fan of the hyper-futuristic outfit, but it's still a neat addition to the day, as well.

That plushie though? Oho, now that's a must have for me! I'm gonna be trying to grab it in the Plushie shop, and with any luck I'll hopefully get one for my gallery!

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