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Happy Chomby Day!


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At first, I thought this Candy design was kinda meh, just looked lazy and like a different form of a Jelly or Gold Chomby with a stick. But, now that I see the little bugs in it, I think it's pretty neat! Those scorpion / spider lollipops were always so mystifying to me as a kid lol! I do wish they made them look a little bigger, it'd make the design a little more eye-catching in my opinion. But I like the connection to animals being encased in amber, fitting for a prehistoric Pet!

And another addition to the museum set! This one is really nice, although a bit spooky...

The fire spikes are cool, kinda give the Chomby a neat kind of mohawk haha. The cactus ones are adorable, and probably my favorite of the whole set! The little flowers really bring it all together. And the balloon ones are nice and colorful! I thought they were gummies at first though :P

A really awesome day, Chombies!

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