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Did you know your account can be frozen for no reason?


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When you use a VPN or mobile network, you can be assigned a random IP address.

If this ip address happens to match one that is used by a bot/shell/cheat account, TNT will freeze your account and will not, under any circumstances, let you have it back. 

This has been happening to multiple innocent users over the past few months due to "mass freezings" by TNT. 

Imagine having your account frozen for literally no fault of your own.

Please sign and share so that we can stop this from happening!


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Is this what happened to your sister's account?  Does that mean they finally told her why she was frozen?


Seems it has happened to a few other people that I've seen while googling, but the TNT says VPMs are allowed.  Maybe suggest she start sending in tickets with a link to this saying "hey, you banned me for doing something you said was fine."

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