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Vote for the obelisk War! Round 272


Which faction are you joining this round?  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Which faction are you joining?

    • Thieves Guild
    • Order of the Red Erisim
    • Awakened

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Which faction are you joining for this round?

So, vote!

Good luck!

You must win in minimal 10 battles each round in order to win the boons.

Oxbridge Prediction:


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I have been lucky the last 2 battles. It felt great to finally win a couple in a row. I am going with Thieves Guild this week and hoping for the best. When you win and chose the Space Faerie Scratch Card Boon for each card you scratch your given a 1000np extra. I now have 90 cards and the whatever allows you to scratch them is still broke. So I am unable to scratch any. I only scratch them if I have the Boon for the extra 1000np's. I sent a ticket months ago and feel like I personally matter to Neo  less than a bag of peas. My closet is still broke after 2 years. No help with that but told they'll get right one it.  No reply about the cards. I get one a week and they're still there 90 weeks later. Wish my Premium Membership counted for something other than a reduction in ad's

No matter what Fraction you choose I wish you good luck and hope you win!

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