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Faerie's Hope: Lost Fragments Begins!


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It sounds like the stamp is going to be a long-haul profit if you want to sell it, so you may be sitting on it for a few years before it really picks up in price. 

Get the paintbrush for yourself if you want it! 

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On 3/18/2023 at 12:47 AM, berriganify said:

Yeah, not having a 1.5 day was a real blow to people in certain time zones. I guess they just forgot? It's been really glitchy too, apparently, some people are getting more shards and some less than five. But what else is new with this site lol?

Yeah at least it's bringing down the paint brush prices, the faerie PPPB in particular was just grossly inflated. Hopefully everything will settle back at its pre-inflation prices like what happened with the Halloween PB!

I am worrying that I may have goofed with buying the snowglobe right off the bat, though. 🥲 I was assuming everyone would be so focused on the PBs that it wouldn't drop that much, but it's already nearing 1M, which at that point I would have just bought it myself. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

It was less a time zone and more a 'didn't log in until I saw the Facebook posts' me, so my own fault, but still annoying! I certainly could have logged in on the evening had I noted the event had started, but just didn't pick it up.

Yeah, the PPPB is my favourite - I really want a Faeerie Meowclops and TNT have made that possible!!

I'm a habitual procrastinator. So haven't actually spent any points yet!

On 3/18/2023 at 6:16 AM, Gaevriel said:

i'm glad they made it easy.  i'm tired when i log into neopets so i'd rather not be scratching my head trying to figure something out.  and i suppose all ages and skill levels can do it.   the 'plot' is probably just an advert for the neopets game/app for mobile phones.  

i haven't given much thought about which prizes i want.  probably the bomb and shield.  the PB would be nice but the market will probably flood and they'll be affordable to buy with NPs for a while.

Eh, I can see that. But a little more involved would have been good. Even just a few more elements so it's not just seven days of five clicks would have been good. It is indeed an advert rather than a plot. I suppose you could call it an event if you're being generous. But again, hits inflated items so there's that!

On 3/22/2023 at 5:31 AM, Saludong said:

I found all shards do we get an award for that?

You get the points that you can spend in the prize shop. If you found every day, you should have 175 points I believe which can be spent on some decent prizes. If you found some shards on the next day or later, you will have less points. I have 155 as I missed the first half day.

On 3/25/2023 at 1:15 PM, iheartsaku said:

So I have 94 points and am not sure which items I should pick. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe the Faerie paintbrush  or should I go more with stamps/books? 

Faerie PPPB seems like a better investment than the regular PB currently. Fewer points and selling for the same price. The stamp is a good one. The bomb is also excellent and will likely hold value.

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