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Just Me?


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Is it just me, or is A.C. a little harder this year? I find it harder to get shots past the keeper, and the opposing team's AI seems smarter. In past years, I was able to get 10-12 goals in a good game, but this year, I only usually get up to 8.

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Usually getting around 10 to 12 goals in a good game here with the occasional 13 goals if lucky. I have been also getting 2 to 3 Darigan Yooyus in a single game fairly often (but not always), but it's mainly the RNG turning against me.

I've posted advice from another user on the Neoboards last year for those who were having trouble scoring goals in HTML5 Yooyuball last year. Disregard tip number 4 in the linked post as it's no longer relevant since the whole Invisible Snow Yooyu ordeal has since then been resolved.

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It's not just you.

They converted the games from Flash to HTML5 last year and yes they became much harder and more time consuming to play (I couldn't play YYB at all last year, only SLS and SOSD) .. this year I can play YYB but my GPG went down from about 11-12 to 8.5 ... I started the cup really bad with scores of 4 , 5 and 6 but now I can hit 9 and 10 consistently ... so you can become better with some practice 🙂

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Nah, it's definitely NOT just you. I posted my thoughts on a NUMBER of differences between Flash and HTML5 versions here, in my Maraqua support topic.

I used to average roughly 12.5 points per game in the last couple Flash ACs. I could score 17 points in the Flash version, but in this one, this year my best is 12 goals so far, got it twice tonight. Last year my best was 14 goals. Has that 1 time, and 13 goals 9 times in 224 games.

I forgot I was screenshotting ALL my scores last year. This year I went back to what I did during the Flash ACs, only scores of 10+ get screenshots. LOL Whoops! XD

Anyway, for a list of changes vs the Flash version I'm not used to yet, check the thread I'm linking to. Not EVERYTHING is there, I forgot about the invisible snow yooyu from last year, but tbh, now that I remember it, it wasn't THAT big of a deal because there's ALWAYS the shadow. Also, the BEST power up in the HTML5 version, I would say is the Goal Extender. The goalie can EASILY catch a yooyu fired from the Growth power-up. The wing's speed is always useful, but not as useful with the goalie's AI improved. Also, the freezing power-up only seems to work maybe half the times I get it. Just some additional thoughts I've had not in my posted topic. 😉


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