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Avatars and Beta


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Recently, users have reported some issues obtaining avatars while on Beta pages. In the case of avatars that require you to have a certain item(s) in your inventory and refresh, a workaround that has worked for some people has been to view your inventory in Classic mode rather than Beta. This can be achieved by adding an  /x  at the end of the inventory URL (so you will be refreshing http://www.neopets.com/inventory.phtml/x).


Users who have been successful in obtaining their avatars in classic view indicate that you will not receive the regular notification on the page of receiving the avatar, but it will be awarded and located in the list in your Neoboard Preferences

Current avatars that this fix may work for are:

I Taunt the Pant Devil
I'm Smelly
Lawyerbot < 3 Usuki Avatar
Mad About Orange


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