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So what does everyone think of the prizes?!


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In terms of the main prizes, I'm pleased with the yooyu - I'd have loved the Tyrannian Yooyu to be re-released but we can't always get what we want! I'm just waiting until I get round to sorting my pets out so I can attach it straight to the pet I want it on and not risk multiple refreshes before purchasing. I've already bought me the Perfectly Preserved Diamond Yooyuball from the SW as I have an Autographed Yooyuball (staff signatures) and a Lost Desert Yooyuball sitting in my SDB and there's the potential to start up a collection here. I might need to comb over the previous years prizes and see what I can afford! I love the Terror Mountain Yooyu Plushie as well and may well end up having two - one for my current plushie collection and one for my (as yet non-existent) yooyu memerabilia collection. The Yooyu Trading Card is also sitting in my SDB and I haven't yet spent any prize points. I'm saving those for the big items currently!!

I'm disappointed with the paint brush, but at least it makes the choice so much simpler - if it had been between a paint brush I really wanted like Halloween and the yooyu for example I'd have been really quite stuck, whereas a 45k paintbrush vs the yooyu that I'd set my eyes on from the start of the cup makes life a whole lot easier!

I think my combination is going to be the yooyu, the stamp and the earrings and then split the remaining 144 points between whatever prizes are likely to be worth the most for resale as I will need to buy the plushies and any other yooyu content I decide needs to be a part of my new collection.

For the staff prizes, the Overflowing Box of Plushies is mega cute and will be going into my gallery as a certainty but may also work with my customisation goal for my Shoyru:



So, what about everyone else?

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loved the Terror Mountain stuff and diamond items, didn't care for much else

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I - no joke here - immediately opened the staff tournament prize shop to get the overflowing box as soon as I saw the picture.

I think it's time for some changes to my plushie bori lol


As far as cup prices, I'm holding onto it.

Trying to decide if I'm gonna buy the stamp and books to resell, if I'm keeping a stamp, if I'm only getting books... I don't know ))):

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