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How are you spending your time during quarantine?

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3 hours ago, nirv120 said:

Third doses are not a thing yet where I live, but I'm so eager to get one.

Every time I got a dose, a significant part of my long covid symptoms went away. I still have some residual pain and lethargy and I'd like to see if a third dose could help with that.

That's intriguing 😮 I wonder how many people this is happening for. Hope you do get to get a booster soon then, and it does help! 🤞

Seems booster protocol is even more varied per country than original vaccinating was! a fellow ninja who is in the US has had her booster already - she's in her 20s and completely healthy, not a front line worker or anything. People in America can just wander in and get one. Though a lot aren't, ofc, because of rife anti-vax behaviour. -_-

17 hours ago, Angeló said:

I had my 3rd dose (booster) on Monday

Just felt some pain in my arm during night

Mine's kinda ouchie today, turning my bedside light off last night required me to turn over and use my right arm as the left one wasn't havin' any of me reaching out and back, heck no! It's still that level of soreness this morning. violin.gifBut unless I'm going to spend the day doing the chicken dance or something it's really not gonna be a problem. xD


Oh no... :mellow:

See, saying chicken dance, I now have the Birdie Song in my head...

GO AWAY... please?

It won't 😭

Sorry (not sorry), because misery shared and all that...

I was 10 when this came out, I thought it was awesome. 😂

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Dang, my age group isn't getting our 3rd doses until January, and tbh I would not surprised if they end up getting slightly delayed because of all the flooding. 🤷‍♀️

 @jellysundae (Edit: nvm, I didn't read this next page lol) I'm glad your reaction hasn't been too bad!

I got moderna for both of my first two, only a bit of arm pain from the first, but the second... hoo boy, I was out for like a week. For the first 3 days I would get dizzy and out of breath after sitting up for a minute, and forget about standing. I had to crawl to the bathroom lmao. My sister's bf and one of my friends also got moderna, and had similar reactions.

Hopefully the 3rd dose isn't going to be like that (I'm expecting it'll be moderna because everyone I know has gotten the same type for all 2/3 shots, except the one friend who got AZ, which I don't think they're using anymore?) but I will be stocking up on granola bars and juice packs just in case..

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@berriganifythat strong reaction to the 2nd dose is good though, isn't it? Meaning your immune system was fighting it hard? Cold comfort at the time though! x__x

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On 11/22/2021 at 7:46 AM, jellysundae said:

@berriganifythat strong reaction to the 2nd dose is good though, isn't it? Meaning your immune system was fighting it hard? Cold comfort at the time though! x__x

Is that how it works? I have no idea, I mean I don't regret getting it cause it was that or no vaccine (we can't pick our vaccines, it's whatever our area gets), but oh boy it was awful. 😷

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I watched movies, tried to do yoga,worked from home, I read a lot of new books.I was going through menopause during the COVID-19 crisis. I was isolated with my sister and she recommended premarin (conjugated estrogens) from Canada Drugs.The order came very quickly.



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