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Faerie Quest Help


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Have made an offer. Lols... that was all I had in my inventory :). Thanks Tymco.


I forgot how useless Earth Faerie Quests are:

The Earth Faerie says 'Wow, thanks, you found my Lime Elixir!'

The Earth Faerie makes Tradestaff full up with food, and restores all lost hit points!


Thanks Tymco!!

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The Water Faerie wants you to get her 'Learn Social Skills'

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sassybubblegumgirl Learn Social Skills 1 1,350 NP

shockedandconfused Learn Social Skills 2 1,350 NP

saty_2005 Learn Social Skills 1 1,400 NP

sconniel Learn Social Skills 1 1,420 NP

snapple_queen Learn Social Skills 3 1,490 NP


Hope that helps! :D

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The Water Faerie says 'Wow, thanks, you found my Learn Social Skills!'


The Water Faerie increases jonty556's defence


wow thanks for that!!

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mashpet4 1 800 NP

yldcat69 1 825 NP

wu8y281906 2 868 NP

dreamwe 2 890 NP

_mystique_dragon_66 1 895 NP

cassey_315_bum 1 900 NP

ginagrimshaw 1 900 NP

claranetta 2 900 NP

butterfly_maiden_1 3 900 NP

gladiatordog 1 900 NP


Hope that helps :)

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Guest jamieleigh

Can someone please find a Bouncy Zafara Toy?


Never mind... I found one in the toy shop.


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_howdyho124 Shoonee 2 2,825 NP

xrjhu Shoonee 4 2,849 NP

island_utopia Shoonee 2 2,850 NP

tom7173 Shoonee 1 2,850 NP

blizdragon123 Shoonee 9 2,870 NP


bridefanreturns Squeezy Toothbrush 1 3,208 NP

meganconspiracy Squeezy Toothbrush 5 3,210 NP

agrisar Squeezy Toothbrush 1 3,245 NP

crazydi4456 Squeezy Toothbrush 1 3,249 NP

hodlar Squeezy Toothbrush 2 3,249 NP


cowgurl_4eva Purple Skateboard 1 690 NP

147rosieposie Purple Skateboard 1 699 NP

cream_c00kie Purple Skateboard 1 720 NP

mstj67 Purple Skateboard 1 727 NP

princesskcv Purple Skateboard 6 730 NP

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