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New Altador Cup Avatars Released!

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On 6/8/2018 at 12:01 PM, phill said:

you can keep the emo shopkeeper avatar and use a different storekeeper you know? :D


I think its a great idea to make the team avvies like the royal korbat avvies, you can only have one..

Oh yes, I have done exactly that with the emo avie. :nod_yes:

Admittedly if you could only have one AC avatar, it would prevent you from feeling the need to flip about between teams. I suppose I just don't agree with you losing it if you do play for a different team.

On the whole I do think temp ones was super sensible, I think there's just too much scope for (potentially massive) upset with permanent team avatars.

EDIT: An update from hardtotame

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Posted: 13 Jun 2018 - 3:10 am [Report this message]

Have you read the updated FAQs? You can keep your team avatars after the tournament ends. Next year, if you decide to join a different team, the new avatar will replace the one from this year.

I hope you're enjoying the Altador Cup!

(I have no time to stick around and chat today. We'll talk next time I'm here! Hopefully.)


@kayahtik I'm pinging you 'cause you're on and no-one's gonna see this unless someone responds. ?

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Cool, I think this is a good solution. I think it was kind of pointless for them to give us 'temporary' avatars, like why bother? But it would also be a nightmare of pressure to feel like you had to team-hop every year to collect ALL the team avatars. So this is a good middle ground. I don't particularly like the DC one unfortunately, but at least it will remain a +1 for my avatar count. 

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So, I guess they liked my idea.  Thank you, thank you, Thank you very much.  ROTFL.  

@jellysundae, it isn't PUNISHMENT for switching teams anymore than having the avatar being temporary.  Taking the avatar away would be punishment too.  It's just a way to prevent team hopping for the sake of avatar collecting.  I LOVE the idea.  I should, it's mine.  lol.  (Ok, gotta go now before my head gets too big to fit through the door- LOL?)

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