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Hi everyone, I'm here with a new name, but I am very familiar with the forums and how great everybody is from the admins on down.


I used to be flpatsfan, until I got my old original account back, so now flpatsfan holds my pets and catsmom is for all my play.


Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and a shout out to Scoobert, midnightspell, spritzie and jelly sundae just to name a few.


It's good the be back!

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Congratulations on getting your old account back! As we know that is a big accomplishment, can you tell us that for the future, would you accept gifts at your main account catsmom or prefer us to send items to flpatsfan? Just so glad to have you back & able to let us know that you are doing ok.  :laughingsmiley:

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I truly did miss all of you, I knew you would notice Scoobert, you're good people!


Midnight, I am using flpatsfan for the gallery, so if you were to send a gift (and you don't have to :) ) either would actually be fine.  I am changing some pets from one account to another and all that good stuff!  Just not earning NP there. 

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Hi and welcome back! Sorry for the late posting. I'm not so good with back and forth conversation, or responding past my initial post, but I do remember people on here and it's nice to see you. Also, good to know you got your old account back! Take care =)

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