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Quotes - Reborn!!!

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:laughingsmiley: The Users On This Forum Are Constantly Cracking Me Up :laughingsmiley:

So I Think It Would Be Good To Have A Place Where We Can Post Our Favorite TDN Quotes.

A Place To Give Some Credit And Some Shout Outs To The Very Funny Folks Running About.


Edit: The Quotes Don't Have To Be Funny, They Can Just Be Ones You Like...

They Also Don't Have To Be Said On The Forums But They Do Have To Be From Members.


I'll Start.


This interchange is from the topic: The Person Below Me

...The person below me sleeps with a stuffed animal.
False, he is not stuffed - he's for real!! :angry:
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Good ol' Keiko. I miss her.


I have a whole collection of quotes. Here are the ones from my About Me page:


"Look, look.

I apologize, but that is life.

*Leans against a gorrila*

Besides, your an awesome girl. You don't need a middle foot to survive in life."










"If you want, I can balance random things on my head. XP"





"A kid get's his pants ripped off and you're concentrated on the 1337-speak awareness animation. "





"You can put toilets in your neohome, but there is no item called toilet paper? D;



-Sugar Gar




They be hatin' us."



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I tried, V. I looked at your list of posts, but got bored in the middle of page 2. x_x


I have a bunch of random MSN convos, but I'm too lazy to pull it up right now. xD

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I like this one:


Lorelei Luna: My brain aches. I want to write poetry. Any suggestions for curing Brain-ache?


Revenge: Remove the brain. :yes: You might feel a slight tingling sensation, though.

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I has lots of Xepha quotes!


Xepha: yes, the day I decided to poke Ian... it happened.




Metroid: The magic of brains.

Metroid: I love when Ian is giddy.

Metroid: More than I love his bug glasses.



Ian Freaking Out:




Ian: HOW

Ian: HOW

Ian: DID

Ian: YOU



Ian: :O

Ian: OH

Ian: MY


Ian: alskdfjalksdjflksdjfalkjsdf

Ian: as

Ian: df

Ian: as

Ian: df

Ian: asd

Ian: f


Ian: send them off immediately to me :O





I will post more later. :P

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Hey, someone quoted me! I thought I wasn't funny...

I do remember one thing I read while lurking here (before I signed on) that made me suffocate laughing. Can't recall exactly what it was, though. I'm looking for it, I'll edit this post when I do.

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I have a ton from MSN convos xD We had a Peanut Butter Party Time where we were quoting them back at each other once too *goes to find*




Brittney: Want a challenge? Sing with peanut butter in your mouth. XD




Mikey: i wasnt just ANY staff

Mikey: i was an admin! :-O

Ashley: Oh boy!

Mikey: -flaunts it in TJ's face-

TJ: umm i won't flaunt anything in your face because you wouldn't want to see it :D

Me: *hits Mike* But you left so it doesn't count anymore

Mikey: xD

Ashley: TJ!

Tally: oh lordy

TJ: that wasn't meant to be how it came out

TJ: so anyone who thought dirty thoughts has a dirty mind!

Mikey: thats me

Ashley: We already knew I had a dirty mind, that was never under debate!

TJ: *points at ashley*




TJ: i'll go straight now it's closer

Ashley: lol you go straight TJ!

TJ: HA HA ashley

TJ: very funny

Ashley: hehe

TJ: one more turn people

TJ: izzy make it quick :)

TJ: ashley no jokes on that one

Ashley: lol I considered it but I was nice


(we were playing key quest)




Ashley: Welcome to deadland V

Ashley: IT happens to the best of us brainless people




TJ: yes because i love to quiz myself on the human body :P





TJ: “If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that's what REALLY throws you into a panic.”




Ashley: Alina is lower than normal too....maybe we aren't human XD

Me: Or maybe you're the human ones and everyone else is inhabited from alien parasites from Mars!

Ashley: Yes that might be it!

Ashley: I always thought TJ was from mars lol




Ashley: Okay I'm back, I had a run in with a spider while I was gone

Me: Oh noes!

Ashley: The thing was huge, I thought he was going to eat my arm or something XD




Maybe I'll post more later ;o

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In no particular order...



Superfly: Izzy

Superfly: you saw that V made

Superfly: wasn't it *AMAZING*

Izzy: Yup, its awesome

Superfly: we want 45643 of them

Superfly: more

' Xepha ': lol

Superfly: which will be linked to my beautiful petpage

' Xepha ': because Izzy and I are the non official graphics dept. of TDN






Superfly : if we (and by we i mean Xepha) make all of the graphics can you figure out what pages they will all go on and stuff?





later, in the same conversation :


Superfly : we (and by we i mean Xepha) can make a layout

Superfly : haha i love that statement

Me: lol, I feel like if TJ was glued to my arm, and kept waving it in the air "we can do it, we can do it" lol






Anime: Wrong day.

Levy: CRAP

Princess Ruto: SURPRISE!!! >=D

Princess Ruto: o.o


Anime: Happy Early Birthday V! XD

' Xepha ': aww

Princess Ruto: *confetti*

Whacker: happy bday =)

Whacker: early* x]

Paul: Happy 1 minute till your brithday birthday

' Xepha ': it's tomorrow guys

Anime: In his time zone.





' Xepha ': I officialy hate Key Quest before trying it

' Xepha ': and TJ is awesome because he stayed up 38h the night / day of the beta...

~Ashley Rose~: No talking about no sleeping!

' Xepha ': uh uh

BlackJaguar: Ashley might get to sleep if you talk about it!XD

Superfly: i'm tired

Superfly: xD





' Xepha ': Good morning xD

Superfly: *dies*

' Xepha ': you can't!

Superfly: any sign that ian didn't die?

' Xepha ': no

' Xepha ': but it's freaking 8:15am

' Xepha ': I would still be in my bed if my neighbour weren't moving

Superfly: which is why i died

' Xepha ': <.>

Superfly: brb

' Xepha ': noooo XD

Superfly: yessss

Superfly: back

' Xepha ': welcome back

' Xepha ': soooo

' Xepha ': did you sleep well?

Superfly: not the best

Superfly: Brittney and Ashley called and woke me up at 2 AM

' Xepha ': wtf

Superfly: xD it was funny though

' Xepha ': I would kill the person who does that to me




' Xepha ': don't ever wake me up in the middle of the night if I don,t instruct you to do so

' Xepha ': I'm really grumpy when the phone wakes me up

Superfly: 2:03:55 AM Superfly: and since I'm the senior staff member, and you guys woke me up, we DELAY IT

' Xepha ': lol

' Xepha ': and then go back to sleep

' Xepha ': >.>

Superfly: oh it gets better!

Superfly: 2:07:15 AM Superfly: ashley you need to email ian with what's going on pleaes


2:07:21 AM Ashley: Yes I can do that


2:07:49 AM Superfly: inform him since he forgot we had no choice but to wake me up at 2 am, tell him i want a raise, and that we have decided to delay it until after the AC


Superfly: 2:08:31 AM Superfly: and i don't accept cookies as currency


2:08:35 AM Superfly: or nps

Superfly: 2:08:40 AM Ashley: Chips?


2:08:45 AM Ashley: Pepsi?

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I love the one where Brittney and Ashley woke TJ up, that was so funny xD I have emails about it too lol


Some more... V = Xepha for those that don't know ;)




V: I have ANTS

V: =(

Me: Oh noes :(

V: yea

V: it ruined my day

Me: Aww

V: we had to vaccum

V: and clean

V: =/

V: and they are still getting in




V: so, what's new since I slept...

Me: Hmm

Me: I finished the comparision, TJ and V added up to K before they both went to bed

V: and V

V: I worked in my sleep :O

Me: Oops XD Sorry TJ and ASHLEY *blames the flu*




Ashley: YAYI got my mod powers back!!!!!!!

V: lol

TJ: congrats

Me: Hehe nice Ashley

V: what reason did you give?

Ashley: No more flood control XD

Ashley: I can't edit ALP stuff without them!

V: ahah unless all threads are posted at your name


Ashley: Yap :)

Me: Yeah and Ian didn't think to just make us mods of only those forums XD

V: want me to email him ;p

Me: Ask Ashley, I got global mods back for a diff reason lol

V: lol

V: ashley... :P

Ashley: Why would we want to do that? lol

V: well, you ain't going to moderate anyway ;p

Ashley: What's your point lol

V: you don't need to be global mod

V: but my point is that I'm teasing you

Me: She just wants to be rid of the flood control XD

Ashley: lol thats one reason

TJ: and the POWA

Ashley: POWA?

Ashley: Oh duh.....lol

TJ: :/ power

TJ: xD

Ashley: I figured that out





More later, food now :P

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This is from the 'Add or Subtract' word game, when me and Cameron were tag-teaming to bring the score back down.


(For those who don't know, in Add or Subtract we start at the number 500. When a girl posts, she adds one to the count, when a boy posts, he subtracts one. If we reach 1000, the girls win, if we reach 0 the boys win.)


520-1 = 519. We've cracked the 20's. Take that! C'mon, where are you girls? :P





Tsk tsk Cameron, where's your chivalry? :P

518-1 = 517. You are right, my fellow sir. I am ashamed of my actions :(. My sincere apologies, ladies.


(this doesn't mean we're stopping XD)



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The person below me has failed a test of some sort today.

False :graduated:

TPBM: Has A Crush On The Person Above Me :wub_anim:

o_O ...? Are you suggesting I am a narcissist? Moi? Hmph!

The person below me is glad they didn't have to answer that last post. :P

That Is Exactly What I Was Hoping For And It Was Still Funny!

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Brittney: Want a challenge? Sing with peanut butter in your mouth. XD


I remember that... PB sandwhich + good song = me being goofy.


Oh... this was from yesterday.


Me: Lookie! Rain!

Morgan: *looks*

Morgan: No rain. :(

Me: There is here.

Morgan: *teleports to your house*

Morgan: :O Rain!

Me: Hey! You landed on my car!

Morgan: *pats* Is quite comfy. ^_^

Me: There's all ready paw prints on the hood, must you add a butt print? XD

Morgan: xD Yes.


...rain makes Texans do weird things.

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Princess Ruto: *explodes*

*hsus anime: ............

Princess Ruto: Mind cleaning me up?

*hsus anime: *presses a button labled "CLean up the eprson who exploded"*

*hsus anime: *person

Princess Ruto: *is blown away* Did you press the wrong button again? -_-

*hsus anime: No, unless... Gahh.... Metroid swapped the lables again!

Princess Ruto: D=< *sets out to destroy Metroid*

*hsus anime: You all ready own him...

Princess Ruto: When I get back, I'm coming for you!

*hsus anime: Why? Not my fault!

Princess Ruto: o_x I know...but I've already made it my lifelong goal to destroy you.

Princess Ruto: Those are kind of hard to get rid of.

Princess Ruto: They come back years later to haunt you.

*hsus anime: XD

Princess Ruto: *grabs bazooka* Anyway, owning a person doesn't mean I can't vaporize them. I'll be back. *whistles*

*hsus anime: XD

Princess Ruto: *bursts through door* I brought home the bacon! ...And Metroid.

*hsus anime: XDXD

Princess Ruto: *opens bag & munches on bacon*

*hsus anime: ...wrong bag.

Princess Ruto: x_____o

Princess Ruto: *scoots off to bathroom*

*hsus anime: Good idea.

Princess Ruto: ^_^ Better!

*hsus anime: XD


THAT is not even a scratch of what sort of random things are said between us. o.o


[20:31] *hsus anime: No noobs. *door creaks* Wait... It's not noobs! YOU ATTRACTED MEEPITS!

[20:31] Princess Ruto: D= No! Hide me!

[20:31] *hsus anime: They're so cute!

[20:32] Princess Ruto: Nuh uh! I'm not immune to their charm! D=

[20:32] Princess Ruto: *clings to ceiling like a cat*

[20:32] *hsus anime: Cat's can't cling to the celing.

[20:32] Princess Ruto: ...o_O Right...*falls*

[20:33] Princess Ruto: *covers eyes* Get the meepits away! D=

[20:33] *hsus anime: But they're so cute!

[20:33] Princess Ruto: x_x No they aren't!

[20:34] Princess Ruto: Their hypanotizing powers are NOT cute!

[20:34] *hsus anime: You mean hypnotizing.

[20:34] Princess Ruto: No, hypanotizing. Hypnotizing is for amateurs.

[20:35] *hsus anime: XD


[20:35] *hsus anime: That's just waht they want you to think

[20:36] Princess Ruto: Then why did I end up with cat litter in my hair? D=

[20:37] Princess Ruto: I know why. Because they HYPANOTIZED meh! Dx

[20:38] *hsus anime: And then I told you to empty the cat box.

[20:38] *hsus anime: Meepit: I recorded it.

[20:38] Princess Ruto: Eep! Get it away! :O

[20:39] *hsus anime: Aw, but he's my friend.

[20:39] Princess Ruto: Then love him and pet him and call him George! Just keep him away from me! :O

[20:39] *hsus anime: But he wants to be your friend too. And his name is Frank.

[20:40] Princess Ruto: I don't want him to be my friend. =(

[20:40] Princess Ruto: He makes me do bad things. =(

[20:40] *hsus anime: Aw... Just look at him... He;'s sad now...

[20:41] Princess Ruto: I've been sad, too. Have you not noticed the excessive use of "D=" and "=("?

[20:41] Princess Ruto: D= =(

[20:41] *hsus anime: But that's scared sad. he's upset sad.

[20:41] Princess Ruto: Then comfort him.

[20:42] *hsus anime: I am. See, I'm holding him and he's crying beacuse you won't be his friend.

[20:42] Princess Ruto: Lie to him and tell him I'm his friend. D=

[20:42] *hsus anime: But that's not nice.

[20:42] Princess Ruto: Neither is hypanotizing people! D=

[20:43] *hsus anime: Frank: I've never hypanotized anyone! I'm a low level Meepit. *sniffs*

[20:43] Princess Ruto: Liar! You hypanotized me the other night! D=<

[20:44] *hsus anime: Frank. No. Only Faerie Meepits and Meepit Plushies can hypanotize people. I only hypnotized you.

[20:44] Princess Ruto: You lie! You LIIIIIIIEEEEEE! >=(

[20:45] *hsus anime: Frank: No I'm not! *starts sobbing again*

[20:45] Princess Ruto: Meepit tears don't sway me. Cheese does.

[20:45] *hsus anime: Frank: *throws cheese at you while crying*

[20:46] Princess Ruto: *gobbles cheese*

[20:46] Princess Ruto: =D

[20:46] *hsus anime: XD

[20:46] Princess Ruto: *burp*

[20:46] *hsus anime: ....

[20:46] Princess Ruto: o-O *points to Frank*

[20:47] *hsus anime: Frank: That was you.

[20:47] Princess Ruto: You lie again! D=<

[20:47] *hsus anime: Frank: Anime, she's scaring me! Aw, Morgan, stoppit.

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Me: Wow. I'm trying to find quotes in this log, but it's full of DC and Valenth and DB...

Morgan: I know. I had to got to the beginning of my log when we weren't being geeks.

Me: XD

Morgan: I dare you to use that quote. ;o

Morgan: And include the one above this sentence.

Morgan: And that one.

Morgan: And likewise.


We be geeks.



Morgan: xP

Morgan: Fish. xP

Me: Freshie. Freshman.

Morgan: Some of the band members called me "mousefish" last year.


Hehe. Metroid the fish.

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[19:57] Princess Ruto: Check it out: Keiko's on TDN!


[19:58] Metroid: *dies*

[19:58] Princess Ruto: *dies*

[19:58] Metroid: *soul dies*


[14:51] Princess Ruto: Rawr

[14:51] Meeptroid: Hiiii.

[14:51] Princess Ruto: Too many I's. x_x

[14:52] Meeptroid: Hahaha. Sorry. =D

[14:52] Princess Ruto: To the corner of the circular room with ye! D=<

[14:53] Meeptroid: Nooooo. That's physically and mentally stressful.

[14:53] Princess Ruto: Dig a hole. =D

[14:53] Meeptroid: I can't. :9

[14:53] Meeptroid: :(

[14:54] Princess Ruto: Why not? D=

[14:54] Meeptroid: My shovel left me.

[14:54] Princess Ruto: *tackles shovel* >=D

[14:55] Meeptroid: My shovel is tackle intolerant. :( I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the premises, Morgan. :(

[14:55] Princess Ruto: Neva! *flies in the air*


These little fantasies that Metroid and I have...o.o

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These are from my Eric-logs... which is funny in itself, since Eric's not in most of them xD




TJ: Ian looks a LOT younger in his about us page picture than he is.

V: o.o

Me: Maybe its an old picture?

V: he is young, anyway ;p

Me: Only to us V XD

V: oh right, we are old

Me: Yep

TJ: *glares*




TJ: I can't find where I put ian.

V: http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/5270/dsc00649dc8.jpg

TJ: ah, thanks V!

TJ: that's Ian dressed up for halloween as a pregnent old lady =D

V: I rock ;p

TJ: wearing a ben franklin mask

V: if Ian opens his pet site, don't let TJ become an artist ;p




TJ: metroid, no flipping out..!

Metroid: Over what?

TJ: them

Me: Anything

TJ: everyone talk here

Metroid: :P

Metroid: I'll just sit in that corner over there and fold my legs and sip tea like a good boy.

TJ: in 2007

Metroid: Heh

TJ: everyone leave!

Metroid: o_O

TJ: no, dont

Me: Make up your mind TJ!

TJ: yea leave




TJ: ok you guys tell me the position to scratch




Metroid: Soda is strangely addicting

Metroid: Like TJ and his blog

V: not strangely... it's full of sugar

Eric: You screwed up the mystery, Xepha

V: yeh, I'm like that




Eric: You folks call it All or Surf. V calls it Sunlight.

Eric: We call it Omo.

V: no, we have Artic Power ;p

V: Sunlight is second choice

Metroid: I call it Magical Cleaning Powers of the Universe

Eric: V would call it Sunlight - if she used it.

V: lol

V: why?

Eric: I call it mother. ;o




Matt: I think we should all go to Ian's house for a pool party.

Matt: Ryan's paying.

Brittney: TOo cold.

Matt: Fine then. Come to England. :P

Brittney: COLDER.

Matt: Meet Sam. :)

TJ: it's not cold in Ohio during the summer, when he has his pool open

Eric: My head exploded a bit there.

Eric: Too cold? Come to England!

Matt: Oh. Yeah. You American's don't get sarcasm, do you.

Matt: Or irony, for that matter. :P

Eric: Irony doesn't kick in until 11 am.




Finally to finish, not quotes but these are so funny I can't resist :P MORE TJ ART!


Jerry: http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/3928/006fx7.jpg

Bill (don't ask): http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/8108/017mj9.jpg

More Bill: http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/9743/dsc00711mu2.jpg

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TJ: ok yall, can we focus please

me: Well I didn't know you were un-busy!

TJ: ahem

TJ: type 444 if you are listening to TJ

Izzy: 444

Me: 555

TJ: lol ok

Izzy: rofll


TJ: hey

TJ: i am here

TJ: guys

Me: TJ! You must pay attention!

TJ: sorry

TJ: i am video chatting with someone

Me: Constant Vigilance!!!!

TJ: and falling asleep

Me: Why are you falling asleep? Would you like one of my swiss rolls?

Izzy: lol Ashley

Me: hehe I knew you would get that Izzy

Izzy: Pity TJ doesn't really :P

TJ: lyk im tired

Me: Only cool people know what Constant Vigilance is lol

Izzy: Of course


TJ: If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

Brittney: Um....

Morgan: You couldn't be more random, TJ. o.o

Brittney: That's just how his brain works.


Me: V!

Xepha: WHERE!

Xepha: :O

Me: There!

Xepha: :D


Me: So what's everyone up to tonight....anything exciting?

Xepha: no

Xepha: I'm dead

TJ: we are so bored that we had to drag you into our boredom

Ashley: lol I feel the same way


Xepha: oh please Ashley, talk to us in sign language ;p

Ashley: Okay *signs*


Xepha: do you want to make me pee in my pants ? XD

Ashley: haha no I don't want to do that to you it's not comfortable...I know I did it often when I was pregnant

Xepha: lol

Xepha: so don't make me laugh ;p

Ashley: I'll try not to!

Xepha: lol

Xepha: or I could go to the bathroom XD

Xepha: brb





I've got a million, but this is what I'm posting for now!

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Okay so two last ones... staff meetings with Matt were fun :P


Matt: Ians abode?

Ian: Adobe?!

TJ: ian's house

Ryan: yep

Ian: WHy do you say adobe?

Matt: No, you dyslexic weirdo. :)

Ian: abode

Ian: ahsdlfkahsd;lfkahsdfkjh

Ian: i must be dyslexic

Ian: oh dear.

Brittney: XD

Eric: Means 'home' in England talk.

Matt: I actually saw the word first on The Sims, so yeah, American. :P

Ian: I see. you englander.

Ian: trying to trick us.

Matt: Yeah. Be careful, I might throw tea at you.

Matt: Or my cane.

Matt: Or my fireplace.


Brittney: Apperently he all ready threw his brain...




Matt: Nawh. It's a needless requirement.

Matt: It's like "Must have large feet" for an office job.

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This looks like fun! :) I've had my share of funny conversations.


Metroid : Zac, do you at LEAST have the cranky old woman?

Zac : yes

Metroid : YAY

Metroid : Where is she?

Zac : *stares at Anime*


anime : *wacks heads together*

Metroid : YEOW!

Zac : shes cranky *cough* a girl and she is older than me

anime : *shoves Zac's head in a bee hive*

Zac : yummm.honey

Metroid : xDDDDDDDDD

anime : The bees will sting you.

Metroid : Bees: DRUNKEN YASMITH!

Zac : thats okay...shows peace treaty

Metroid : Bees: Alright. *Sleep*

Metroid : xD

Metroid : Zac funny bunny!

Zac : HAHA /p/

Metroid : PFFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metroid : I blew a raspberry.

Zac : BLEAHG*COUGH*BLEAGH! May I buy you some coffeecough*

anime : O-o

Zac : [yay]

Zac : ANIME!

Metroid : Zac, I got this hobo drunk and now he wants to dance with a Yoshi.

anime : ?

Zac : your name spelled backwards is enamel

Metroid : xD

anime : Is not.

Zac : wait....your nmae is lemane

anime : It's emina

Zac : you too...

Metroid : Zac, it's Grover Cleveland spelled bacwards.

Zac : wos zat?

Metroid : 0_0

Zac : o_O

Metroid : 0____________0

Zac : o_O_ooOO-


anime has left the conversation.



Zac : no....

Metroid : Darn. Mega darn. You want a smoothie?

Zac : sure

Metroid : *Gives Zac a roughy* I had troubles making it smooth.


Or at least random ones.... :P

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[21:37] Toogoodness: BOO

[21:37] Princess Ruto: *explodes*

[21:38] Toogoodness: *stitches you back*

[21:38] Princess Ruto: Hello! ^_^

[21:39] Toogoodness: ^^

[21:39] Princess Ruto: Brownie?

[21:40] Toogoodness: :D

[21:41] Toogoodness: *waits patiently*

[21:41] Princess Ruto: *gives brownie*

[21:41] Toogoodness: Muahaha! *lobs at Brittney*

[21:42] Princess Ruto: Why do that? :O

[21:42] Toogoodness: anime says: Why're you throwing brownies at me?

[21:42] Toogoodness: XD


Cameron has a bad habit of throwing brownies. :(


[20:38] Crusher: IMAMODOHMIGAWH

[20:39] Crusher: *IMAMODOHMIGAWSH

[20:39] Crusher: OMIGAWDNESS

[20:39] Princess Ruto: I know! Excited much? :P

[20:39] Crusher: Heck yeah ;D


When he found out he was accepted. xD


[02:03] Princess Ruto: I dare you to tell Anime that you love her. >=P

[02:03] Crusher: Alright then, you're on

[02:03] Princess Ruto: >=D

[02:03] Crusher: But you have to tell Theo you love him.

[02:03] Princess Ruto: O.O

[02:03] Princess Ruto: Fine then

[02:03] Crusher: Indeed.

[02:03] Crusher: XD

[02:03] Crusher: Screenie it!

[02:03] Princess Ruto: Promise you'll do it? >=P

[02:04] Princess Ruto: Okay

[02:04] Crusher: I'll screenie

[02:04] Princess Ruto: All right then. We start now.

[02:04] Crusher: Go for it ;p


And the ever popular "love-dares". I don't remember if this was the beginning...xD

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(I've a prediction : nobody will want to join our staff after reading the whole Quotes topic... insanity.)



Superfly: is everyone here now?

' Xepha ': yes

Izzy: *nods*

Superfly: ok talk here

Meeptroid: What the halibut is going on?

© Eric™: Jesus Christ I'm confused.

Superfly: =D

' Xepha ': good, everybody woke up too XD

Superfly: sorry eric

Meeptroid: Don't ask Jesus, ask TJ






Anime: ...we need to get TJ away from the TV...

Anime: So do ours.

Superfly: so do ours

Superfly: i'm not near the TV

Superfly: i'm in the KITCHEN!

Superfly: hense i'm BORED

' Xepha ': boredddd

' Xepha ': that's why you created that chat

Superfly: SCISORS!~

' Xepha ': NNOO

' Xepha ': it's dangereous

' Xepha ': and don't play with fire either, little kid ;p


Anime: *PUT

Superfly: 2 pair...one for each hand

Anime: ....

' Xepha ': how can you still type ?




(On Valentine's day)


Anime: Ok, here's today's lesson: NEVER give me a paint brush and free regin.

' Xepha ': free what?

Anime: regin. Let me go do whatever I want.

' Xepha ': okay

' Xepha ': I never want to receive a pb either ;p

Anime: Oh, and you missed one of the hearts, V... XD

Anime: I ment on here. You're all covered in paint. ;P

' Xepha ': hum

' Xepha ': >.>

' Xepha ': *showers*

Izzy: *goes outside*

Anime: XD

' Xepha ': I'm the grinch of Valentine!!

Izzy: (Its raining)

Anime: XD

Meeptroid: Anime is the grinch of everyday time.

Anime: *kicks Metroid out the window*

' Xepha ': 2 words : "Fear Meepey"




Izzy: Okay, so ideas XD

' Xepha ': not much, on my side. (I'm V. by the way XDD)

~Ashley Rose~: I am still confused as well lol, I am Ashley nice to meet you

' Xepha ': KRYPTONITE!!! *oups, I'm random again*

Izzy: XD





Superfly: well I told matt that I could pull rank on him now and his mind immediately went to nasty things =@

© Eric™: I like the way that kid thinks.




' Xepha ': Is everybody in?

Matt.: Eric-less again? Where'd he go?

ian@tdn: Oh dear

Anime: Eric.

TJ: Here we are.

ian@tdn: Eric died.

ian@tdn: lol




© Eric™: I've done all the one modifiers, but I've still got a few twos to get through.

' Xepha ': 2s aren't too bad...

Superfly: they are

Superfly: don't listen to the smart peopel

Superfly: le

' Xepha ': Eric is smart...

© Eric™: hai, do u guyz noe of a gud gide?

' Xepha ': don't you think MINE is good ?

© Eric™: I better have a look.

' Xepha ': http://www.thedailyneopets.com/return-sloth/ros-part-two/

' Xepha ': yes

' Xepha ': ;p

Superfly: aww poor TDN

' Xepha ': ?

© Eric™: How so?

Superfly: eric just asked if we knew of a good guide :}




Superfly: V we want you to ask us random questions that we all have to answer

Anime: I don;t like that thing.

' Xepha ': Did I miss anything intelligent?

Anime: No.

Anime: WHy would you?

' Xepha ': okay

' Xepha ': I don't know

' Xepha ': sometimes...

© Eric™: Well, I contribute to the conversation, so it's inherently yes.

Anime: haha2

' Xepha ': oh yes! ;p

Superfly: Eric was speaking bad words and about bad things. Sex.

' Xepha ': Eric, you were there to keep them sane! ouf@ ;p

© Eric™: Hey, I said "Sex?". I wasn't the one that answered "Never".

© Eric™: Tell her, Britt.

Superfly: *-)

Anime: TJ answered "Never" to that.

Anime: Eric was asking about gender.

© Eric™: Yessss.

© Eric™: Was I? (^

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I agree with V. xD


Ah, here we go, from the ORIGINAL Chinese Banquet of the Pwnful People:


(Cheese Queen is me xD)


Ellie! :D We're just discussing if TBC is pwnful or not. And eating noodles. Always respect the noodles. (:
Respect the noodle..... *nods*
Indeed, the noodle knows all. *slurp*
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