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    Being Kanye West's protege, and myself.

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About Me

2016 edit - i am so sorry that i ever said any of the things i said on this page





So, um, yeah... Ohaider.

I'm Ryan(My name alternates between squirrelish names and ~Ryan so this might not be obvious when you're reading this.) so uh, yeah...

I'm just gonna start by saying that i'm about as nerdy as it gets. Like, furealz.

I collect pokemon cards, I play chess ALOT, I do tons of gaming even though my game variety is not very large, and I do a bunch of other odd stuff like that.



I like squirrels. I have squirrel shirts, statue thingies, magnets, ect... I even have a hoodie. I am obsessed to put it simply. And I am proud of this. So there.

Also, I talk oddly, like I often say things such as 'Like, furealz, ohaider, ect' ALOT.

Oh and btw, on Neo, i'm a DC All star. Coolio, right?

Hm... What else? Oh, I love music. My favourite bands are probably The Fray, One Republic, All American Rejects, Lifehouse, and The Script in that order. Nickelback and Three Days Grace deserve a mention, too.

I also (not exactly)secretly enjoy listening to Pink, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Whateverson.

So... Yeah.



I enjoy reading. Alot. I love fiction and fantasy. My favourite athor is Margeret Peterson Haddix.

I love the Warriors series, the Redwall books, the Camp Halfblood books, the Seekers series, and a bunch of other stuff.

Also, i'm a HAMS leader. Legit.


And with that i'd like to say thank you to all the HAMS members. I love all you guys, HAMS wouldn't be the same without every single one of you.

And while i'm i'm at i'd like to say 'you are awesome' to everyone on my friends list cause... Because ya'll are awesome. 8D

And btw, i'd like to say 'thanks for being awesome' and 'ohaider' to my best friends on TDN who happen to be: CAV, Divya, Spritzie, Tyler, Anisha, and JB. I love you guys. tongue.gif

So, yeah, I guess that's it.

Go away now.

Unless you wanna read the rest. ;)


Lol, saw it in someones siggy, took this quiz, and this is soooooo me. xD


These are the Awards i've received:

I took part in the 09 Add or Subtract games, and the team I was on won, so we all got this award. YAY! =D


WOO! Boys won again, and I got another cool award(made by CAV I might add. biggrin.gif). ^^ I only wish I had participated more, sorry guys. xD


Proof of squirrels being dominant species on earth:

The NASDAQ Stock Exchange was totally disabled by a SQUIRREL.

One day in December 1987 a squirrel started a power failure in Trumbull, Connecticut, shutting down the National Association of Securities Dealers' automatic quotation service for 82 minutes. One little squirrel made an impact around the world, halting trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the Pacific Stock Exchange.

The power failure caused 20 million shares from being traded that day. Another casualty from this incident: the squirrel died.

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