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  1. Really want that refreshed quest! I'm going to place my bets on the Sway this round
  2. Hmm... relic is tough to customize- though I do enjoy the look! Custard is just blech :p I wish there was a little something more to the relic though.. like a hint of moss or more details
  3. Am I the only one bummed that there wasn't an avatar this year?? Other than that- I love the background! the mask on Quiggles though... ' hahaha
  4. Oh dear... whaaaat is with the tail and the wings? that is... unfortunate. :/
  5. These are all really fantastic! There's such a great diversity in customs/pets this round, well done! :)
  6. Hmm, I really wanted that refreshed faerie quest but, blah. Going with Awakened :)
  7. I love all these new wearables!! I'm eagerly awaiting opening a flower negg to find the Galaxy Hair with Flower Accessory :O "Chocolate Neggs Foreground" for me today :)
  8. Is this on your lookup or the shop itself? I believe covering up the shopkeeper in a user shop is prohibited so users cannot mess with the items in their shops and scam people. I think this goes with the whole page. You can't position anything on top of the original shopkeeper or item list. edit: I just realized you said "gallery" shopkeeper :p ...I think the same ideas goes?
  9. I love the color combo on the pastel <3 I'm not the hugest fan of the new clothes, they look a little ordinary to me- but I like the formal wear aspect
  10. That's harsh, lol. I recently realized how difficult this game could be when I cleaned out my computer. I don't even think I've cleared the second level yet now that I think of it...
  11. WOW!! this contest has come so far.. I'm going to have to think on my votes. Great job with the contest, Deb :) <3
  12. ooh I haven't done this in a while! It's compelling to go Thieves- but I'll stick with Sway
  13. Pretty sure I wore that same outfit for high school marching band :p LOVE the pastel! The colors on this species are really well mixed
  14. So glad to see a TDN official customization contest!! :D Unfortunately I missed the deadline to enter but will look for future opportunities :)
  15. I was hoping for more exciting colors honestly, but I really do enjoy these, especially the purple :) (not just because it is my favorite color)
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