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  1. Please stop gifting me for the next 8 hours or so until I have time to accept all the gifts, clear my inventory and update my wish list! Oh the problems :') For people who don't have a wish list; the jelly Neo database has a perfect option to easily create wishlists. The big pro of this is that JellyNeo also prices the item so people can pick items in their budget. -- Currently updating my lists! I don't want to come over as ungrateful but I got some duplicate items I will be sending back. You can try and sell them yourself or give them to someone else or if you want to you can send them again and I will try to sell them myself. Thank you! Will be updating my previous post and will start gifting within the next hour or so :) --- If the person called xxdecemberzchildxx on Neo could send me a message (either here or on Neo) I can gift you back :) I also can't remember who sent me Meerca Cinnamon Bun & Meerca Cracker so I'd like to know that too!
  2. You're allowed to ask for NC items BUT keep in mind that most users don't actually buy NC and you probably won't get it. Besides that, if somebody gifts you a NC item I think it's best if you don't gift NP items back because Neopets possibly will see that as trading NP for NC items. (NC items are allowed to gift though because NC for NC is perfectly fine).If you do want to gift someone back it's best to transfer NP to a side account and gift it from a side account.. But it's still risky. TL:DR; it's best to not ask for NC items because of the risk of getting frozen. If the other person is fine with you not giving anything back, it's fine I guess :) Edit: ninja'd by Mouseykins :D
  3. Send in a ticket immediately. They will provide a reason why you're frozen and that will give you an opportunity to explain what happened so they can unfreeze your account. Good luck!
  4. I'm afraid you won't get unfrozen because "cheating" is a serious issue, even though you didn't actually cheat. But as mentioned before, saying you're a premium user will get their attention. Keep trying, don't give up, maybe you'll succeed. If all else fails, you can always try to start again. I'm sure a lot of people would like to help you out!
  5. Hey there! Welcome to The Daily Neopets Forums as an active user instead of a lurker! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, we're all willing to help you! Yay, another Game of Thrones lover! (I'm one too, as you could've guessed from my signature!) ~ Microbiology and immunology sound so difficult. I'm going to University next year, I'm going to study the English language. (If there are any errors in this, I blame it on me being ill today). I already gifted you some items for the Christmas spirit :D
  6. Hey! Welcome to the Daily Neopets Forums! We're a very active (and friendly!) community here who loves to help eachother. Quite a lot of other people with social anxiety joined us too and they thought we were all very welcoming. If you have any questions / stories you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to do so! I'd love to see some of your writing :D
  7. Hert123

    The Runway

    I thought my entry would be doing a bit better. Oh well. I still like it very much even if it doesn't get much votes!
  8. Just on a side note, I will be checking profiles on the fact if you did make an account just to comment on this post to grab items because that's not what Christmas is about. I think you should have at least introduced yourself in the Introductions & Welcome section because otherwise I'd have absolutely no idea who you are. I love the active community of the TDN and as you can see I already gifted a lot of people, because I want to share the Christmas thought, not to attract people to this forum to leave again till next december. *end rant* Thanks Charelan, Marae19 and AlwaysProcastinating for gifting :D
  9. Selling the 100 FAER shares I bought for 1,500 NP for a whopping 17,000 NP! That's a 1033,33% change! That's amazing! Using the NP to gift items to fellow TDN members!
  10. I will be gifting shortly! I can't wait to spread the Christmas spirit! I will keep this post updated with what I got (without usernames as some people don't want that, I'm fine with people saying my name!) My wishlist (sorted by price): http://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/hert123/0/?sort=price It's all for my Meerca Gallery (which you can view by clicking here!) dedicated to my very first Neopet :D Sent: Received:
  11. I agree with you. If JumpStart ever decides to make it possible to change between UC en new pets, it's a NC item so they'd still make money.
  12. I think it would be a lot of trouble to make this happen but it will put an end to UC trading, which is kinda against the rules. I'd prefer the UC versions of some pets. I remember I wanted a Meerca Faerie soo soo bad but after the conversion it looks just meh. I wish I could paint my meerca faerie and have him UC! That would be great!
  13. I checked mine and my CPU is running at 34* C, which is fine. Seeing as you already use a cooling pad.. It's a good thing to clean computers from time to time as dust does collect there. Besides from that, maybe going back to the store you bought it from is a good idea?
  14. No, it doesn't happen on the same day each year, but it is a annual joke anyway :)
  15. If you're saving NP, I'd sell it. Since you got it for free, it's always a profit!
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