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  2. I - no joke here - immediately opened the staff tournament prize shop to get the overflowing box as soon as I saw the picture. I think it's time for some changes to my plushie bori lol As far as cup prices, I'm holding onto it. Trying to decide if I'm gonna buy the stamp and books to resell, if I'm keeping a stamp, if I'm only getting books... I don't know ))):
  3. i pretty much have mine....I'm not changing my Eventide Aisha cuz i busted my butt for that Altador Cup prize (AC8 i believe...Eventide Paint Brush). I just managed to get my other dream pets this year: Magma Ixi (after FIIIINAALLLY catching the guard napping after all these years), a Candy Kougra (lucky enough to have the Rainbow Pool faerie answer a Grey Faerie's request), and a Mutant Poogle (can't remember if i got the potion or if that was another rainbow pool quest). Originally i had wanted a Faerie Lenny (love the peacock design), but i'm not as big on faerie pets as i used to be (my Kougra was faerie-type previously) so for my Lenny, i'd like it to be Steampunk. My Quiggle, i think burlap is cute, but that's a lab ray only thing and i really don't want to keep zapping it in the small chance it'll stay Quiggle AND turn burlap....maybe a Water Quiggle then? I haven't decided yet. Edit: Oil Paint and Swamp Gas are pretty cool Quiggle varieties. If I get another pet, I want a Vandagyre and if i do that, i like its Christmas, Chocolate, and Magma options.
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  5. the quickest way to cheer them back up after that is to take them to Roo Island and let them go on the carousel. It usually takes about 20 rides though to get a pet all the way up from 'depressed' to 'delighted!' so that's about 1K per pet
  6. i don't carry anything anymore after the last time this happened. All I have out these days is an omelette or two cuz my Lenny won't eat Everlasting Apple. I had just taken my apple out of storage to feed my other pets and it got snapped up before i could put it back. Maybe i should just buy each pet an omelette each day to avoid that, but these random events are still unfair and annoying. Like i said, why give people the option of carrying things if they risk having them taken?
  7. It's a very beautiful (side?) The emblem type thing is very beautiful! ; )
  8. I used Neopets in the early 2000s, and I am trying to make a new one today, but I have a big issue I didn't know would happen, I used the first part of my e-mail as my username, and when I try at page 3-4 to put in my e-mail it says to make sure that no part of my username has anything to do with my e-mail, but it won't let me go back to page 1-4, someone please help?!
  9. oh, thats a great idea for a gallery! i mean its basically the neopian equvilant of sport memorabilia, right? what else are you planning to add?
  10. FreyaFox, Secre is referring to the Comfort Rock Companion from this year's Staff Tournament Prize Shop and the Elegant Yooyuball Fountain Pen from this year's AC Prize Shop. Both of them are the 1 point prizes of this year.
  11. @Secre ...Im a bit confused. Comfort rocks and pens? Which ones are you referring to? Trying to get ready myself and every bit helps. lol
  12. I bought the expensive items first then looked at the selling price to point value of everything else, deemed them worthless and started spamming the comfort rocks instead...
  13. I have about 6 i think rocks. I love them so XD EDIT: 41. I just checked SDB XD
  14. Prize Shop I have not spent any points yet .. I got a little more than 12,000 points but I'll wait to see what's worth buying .. last year some of the items with less points were more expensive to sell than the higher point items .. Staff Tournament So i ended up buying 1 stress ball for each of the Female characters + DJ Skellington Also got a Plasma Ball + 2 Hang In There Posters + 1 Tasu Toy + 1 Artsy Hourglass + 16 Rock Companions (I still don't know what they do exactly) I bought the other prizes from user shops : Doodle Board (15K) 4000 prize points is too much to spend on an item with such low value Meepits Pulling Wires (65K) 7000 prize points are worth 2 stress balls which sell for the same NP each ... Overfloweing Box of Plushies (45K) same as Doodle Board ... 9000 prize points is way too much Gaming Headphones (16K) it's not popular apparently ... and for 10000 prize points !!
  15. Approximately 960 Comfort Rocks and a handful of pens?! Well, at least it makes for decent Charity Corner fodder!
  16. No worries, I'm reading far less due to not commuting but always up for a good recommendation! Ooh, I'll have to add this to the list. I love the HP series!! I've read all the books except CoS and DH well over 30 times!!! I've just finished Gideon the Ninth by Tasmyn Muir. If you like your fantasy dark and complicated as hell, then this might well be for you. There are a ridiculous amount of names to keep track of and I felt there was a lot of world building that could have been unpacked further. It’s well written though and I enjoyed the tense relationship between Gideon and her necromancer; there’s a dry if somewhat crude humour running through this and it works well. I'd have enjoyed it more if I could have kept up with who each character was, but by the second half when a significant number of them have been killed off it becomes easier to follow! Who'd have thought I'd be grateful for character deaths on mass?! The second half turns into more of a locked room murder mystery and the pace picks up significantly from there, making this one of those weird books that I was fascinated by and certainly enjoyed by the end but also frustrated the hell out of me.
  17. My side account is the better part of ten years old and yet has never had a gallery before. With this years prizes and a short if expensive shopping spree... that has now changed!
  18. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 4. nova 6. one 7. collar 8. thar 9. tag 11. tofu 12. oop 13. bite 14. mud Down: 1. apple 2. two 3. fortune 5. acres 10. gormos 13. bbq Who is featured on the cover of the book Its Not Easy Being Purple? Answer: Purple Grundo Prize: 320 NP and Its Not Easy Being Purple
  19. Hah! I never knew that. Yep, there are some very odd items indeed: Bologma Pimento Glove Haunted Salad Royal Evil Fuzzle Disturbing Gelatin Plushie Mote I think they all count for this as well!
  20. It's even more irritating considering the AC is over for this year and Kiko Lake won so hardly need donations any longer!! The fact that they have won previously is just insult to injury! I always find those events aggravating as hell. It's one thing if I'm playing a game like Dice a Roo where I know there is a solid chance of losing an item but the RE's are just a pain in the neck. As a heads up, how many items were in your inventory. If I'm ever carrying anything I don't want stolen, I minimise risk by also having at least a hundred junk items in my inventory to minimise the odds. Not much help now I admit...
  21. Relic is relatvely cute but when you compare it to the level of detail on say the relic Cybunny or the relic Peophin there doesn't seem to be a lot of effort gone into it: I like the cute swirl of the wave though. It's just a pity they couldn't have added more detail to the pet body. I agree with the comment on the clothing as well. These items are made for a pet with no legs! Why do they have legs!?
  22. The new colour is very underwhelming to me The new outfit is okay, but kinda weird that the trousers got 2 legs in the picture but when Flotsam wears it there's only one; and the same problem for the shoes
  23. loved the Terror Mountain stuff and diamond items, didn't care for much else
  24. its not the first Everlasting Apple i've lost to a random event, but this is the first time it happened while i was feeding them. i just don't get what they think these "randomly lose an item or thousands of neopoints" events add to the site. Why even give the people the option to carry items out in the open if you're just gonna randomly take them away? I have never thought those were cute or fun. lol
  25. It's a horrible random event. So sorry it did this :-(((
  26. Yesterday
  27. Can Neopets stop with this? This isn't the first time i've had my expensive items, particularly EVERLASTING APPLES, taken for no good reason. That's why i don't carry anything anymore. I had just taken my Everlasting Apple out of storage so i could feed my pets and THEY TOOK IT AGAIN!!! WHILE I WAS JUST IN THE MIDDLE OF FEEDING MY PETS!!! UGH.
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