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Happy Acara Day!


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The Mosaic Acara... isn't really for me. I think the multi-color part could do well if the pieces were bigger, here, they look too chaotic for me to really appreciate it. It'd also be a lot easier to see the other features, as I think the amethyst-looking ears, nose, and paws are great! But when paired with that big collection of colors... It's just not a good combo.

The Casual Kawaii Outfit is really cute, though! I REALLY wish the skirt was separated from the hoodie, because both pieces look great, but it'd be fun to pair them with other wearables! The Doglefox purse is adorable, and it may just be my love of Petpets, but they should've added some kinda Doglefox decal on one of the other pieces of clothing! :D 

And is that Falkor, now in Neopet form?! I loved Neverending Story when I was younger, and I think a mystical dragon would fit right in for Neopia! I couldn't see myself buying or using this set, but it's an adorable piece of nostalgia for me anyways.

A pretty fun day for the Acaras!

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