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The Money Tree is feeling down!

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The grey curse has spread to yet another famous landmark, The Money Tree! Some brand new grey items have also been discovered!

Vist the Money Tree!
Grey Bag of NPGrey Wilted Money Tree BranchGrey ScamanderGrey Money Tree Plushie

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3 minutes ago, GillyTook said:


Out of curiosity, how do you get the new items?  Are they in one of the shops or something? 

The items will appear at the money tree itself at random and will be donated by the Mysterious Yurble.


I don't know what you should expect to see them (timewise) or if it's complete at random, but I do know they're there as I've seen the plushie and couldn't snag it and they're also all over TP (expensive of course xD)

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Oh, that's interesting.  I thought the scamander was the only money tree exclusive item.  Wonder if they'll still appear from time to time after the plot's over, or if it's just what gets released is what's released then they're gone (or in TP/auction inflationland) for good.

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