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Neopets Down For Maintenance TONIGHT!


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Where do they even make note about these maintenance runs? That I only find out about them when they're happening makes it seem like wherever they're saying it, if anywhere, is a bad place to put it. I did my dailies, thankfully, but as someone who logs in for the day near midnight this sure would have been not-so-great if I hadn't done them at 12 AM-ish today. I'm not seeing posts on the few Neopet social media accounts or anything either. Additionally, having the maintenance screen/pop up actually note the expected downtime would have been a better option. Nothing against TDN, of course, but shouldn't have your users have to go to fan sites to get information like this.

I used to think the site I'm usually on was maybe even excessive about how they let us know when they'll be doing maintenance, but now I see I've had it good. I'll have to thank them.

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@GillyTook Thank you. Oh gee, I didn't even realize/remember we can't mention the socials on the Neoboards, but you're right. Not sure if it's typical, but they didn't seem to post it on their socials anyway. I see they posted it on the NeoBoards though. Unfortunately, that's not an area of the site I frequent and is not too helpful for when the site is undergoing the actual maintenance.

It might be a lot more helpful if they notified users in a way that's a lot more visible. They have a lot of options for that. Not sure why they haven't been doing that. Something definitely worth addressing!

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